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Ausply  Call (02) 6922 7274
Being the leading manufacturer of broad range of plywood and veneer building products, the company is highly dedicated for the highest standards of customer service and produce materials by running a flexible plant. These composite wood products are suitable for a range of industrial and commercial applications.
128 Elizabeth Ave, Forest Hill NSW 2651, PO Box 205, Australia   (2947)

Austral Plywoods  Call +61 7 3426 8600
Company into business for a long period of 80 years and helping customers worldwide with their high quality composite plywood which is based on 100% plantation grown hoop pine, sourced from Queensland DPI Forestry. Also manufacture a wide range of panel products, specialising in marine and appearance grade plywoods. Give your eyes a good look to the site for further information and details.
PO Box 83, Brisbane Market Qld 4106, Australia   (2948)

Marion Plywood Corporation  Call 715-754-5231
Company having more than 100 years of experience in providing its customers
with the highest level quality construction composite products and service in the plywood industries. The company produce custom, engineered, cut-to-size plywood panels from many species of wood used in the engineered wood flooring, furniture, sports, cabinetry, window, and door industries.

222 S Parkview Ave, PO Box 497, Marion, WI 54950   (2946)

Roberts Plywood, Inc.  Call Toll Free : 1-800-422-4944
Family owned and operated business having capability to stock and supply a wide selection of fine architectural quality plywood and veneers ranging from Afromosia to Zebrawood including Crotch Mahogany and many of the Burls. Besides exotics the company also have a wide range of domestic imported, specialty, marine and curved plywood. Give a look to site for further information and details.
45 North Industry Court, Deer Park, NY 11729, USA   (2945)

Turkhia Overseas Pvt. Ltd.  Call +91-22-25114285
Indian company making their way into business by providing with the highest quality and widest selection of plywood and wood veneers in the country with raw material sourced from around the world. Products include edge banding, lumber, doors, fleece backed veneers, wooden flooring, furniture components and more. Visit the site for more information.
301, Trafic Lite, Next to Bank of Baroda, M.G. Road, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai-400086, India.   (2949)

Universal Plywood  Call 91-080-26524283
Leading Manufacturer, distributor, stockist and wholesaler of high quality plywood used for building and furniture industries including exhaustive range of plywood, veneers, mica, designer glass, hardware, block boards, hardware, laminates, pre-laminated boards and kitchen accessories from Bangalore, India for all construction need.
#9/13, South Cross RD, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India   (2950)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Plywood Business

Plywood is a composite material and is made from sheets of wood. These sheets of wood are cut precisely in square, rectangle, etc in desired shape. These carved wood sheets are glued to each other in right angles for greater stability and strength. For optimal strength these sheets of wood are bonded under intense heat and pressure. Adhesives such as Phenol formaldehyde resins etc are used to glue those sheets thus making a composite material used frequently in building and construction industry. When these chemicals are used these sheets get bonded to each other but quite often these bonds do not stabilise over a period of time due to gaseous nature of the adhesives and also these chemicals are carcinogenic which makes these products use highly regulated. Due to greener initiatives world over by many governments usage of chemicals are being highly regulated.

These are some of the advantages which make the usage of plywood composite much more desirable than other building products. Some of the advantages are high uniform strength, non splitting qualities, Freedom from shrinking, swelling and wrapping, Scale of economics, availability of large sheets of wood in different sizes, waste and weight reduction, easy fabrication, etc. Primarily there are three main reasons for using plywood over other varieties of wood some of them are freedom from shrinking, swelling and wrapping, ease of fabrication and non splitting qualities. Non splitting qualities of the wood make it easier to handle plywood’s thus allowing the carpenter to nail these pieces of wood onto furniture with ease.

Before thinking about starting plywood or any other composites business entrepreneurs need to think about the different type of grades which are available in the construction market. There are four grades which are A, B, C and D. These ratings would be an appropriate suffix for smooth wood and not hardwood. Three letters designate the grade of the plywood. The first late designates the quality of face veneer; the second letter designates the quality of back panel and the letter X designates that the plywood is made up of scrap wood. A denotes the highest quality and D designates the lowest quality of material.

There are three different types of plywood composites and these different types of plywood have different types of applications. These three different types of plywood’s are Softwood plywood, Birch plywood and tropical plywood. These different types of plywood are again divided into sub branches. Entrepreneurs those who are planning to put up a plywood business needs to understand the production of plywood. For a grade “A” quality plywood one needs to have a good log which is called as Peeler. This peeler is cut into thin sheets of veneer which are then cut into required dimensions. These cut out thin sheets are dried, patched, glued and then baked (heated) to 140 degrees and 19 Mpa is applied to the panel. The end product from these processes can be made into desired specification according to the market in which you are going to concentrate. Building and construction industry has great potential for these composite materials. So its a good business to start with.

Air craft plywood is high strength plywood made out of Mahogany and this wood resists heat and humidity. This kind of plywood was used in bomber aircraft of world war 11. Marine wood is made to withstand high moisture environment particularly the kind of climate which is present in deep seas. Decorative plywood is widely used by many common households. Decorative plywood’s are made from different kinds of woods such as red oak, lauan, birch, maple, etc. These kinds of plywood’s are widely available in retail shops and generally sales figures of decorative ply woods are much higher than others.

Financial institutions and banks may provide loans. This business is capital intensive because you need to stock the inventory and then clear the inventory. One solution would be is to use drop shippers or warehouses which can provide the product to its destination and all you need to do is make sales. These panels can be used for interior, external, flooring, shearwalls, bracing panels, form works, etc.

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