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Blue Star Living Inc.  Call (905) 474-2388
Canadian company which is the leading supplier of durable, low emission, easy to install, easy to clean and maintain and lowest priced laminate flooring which is highly resistant to stains and without any need to polish your laminate floor. Visit the site for more details about these amazing composite materials used for home and commercial applications.
300 Esna Park Drive, Unit 26, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1H3   (2942)

Changzhou Jiahao Wood Trades Co.,Ltd  Call 86-519-88507888 88505956
Company utilizing the advanced technology equipment bought from German and Taiwan to produce high-quality laminate flooring used in floor construction and products made according to the European standards taking in mind exceptional durability and longevity. Take some of your time to give a look to site for more details.
Henglin Town, Changzhou. Jiangsu PRO., China   (2939)

Jiangsu Hengyi Wood Products Co. Ltd.  Call 86-519-88491060
China based company which is the leading manufacturer and exporter of composites and specialized in the manufacturing of superior laminate flooring at competitive prices. Already exporting to countries like India, UK, USA, Japan, Russia, Burma, South Africa and more. Visit the site for complete information about the products.
North Industrial park, Henglin Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China   (2938)

King Of Floors  Call 1-604-591-6811
Canada based company, as the largest stocking floor company offering a wide selection of discount flooring such as laminate tile flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring in over 200 styles with reliable delivery, and superior customer service for all the construction need of individuals or commercial businesses. Go to site for more.
12070 88th. Ave., Surrey, BC Canada,   (2941)

Kronotex U.S.A, LLC  Call 866-334-9923
Company doing its business at many places and engaged in fabricating of primary building products like MDF and OSB, particleboard, wood panels etc and then finishing, cutting, laminating and machining to create products like laminate flooring, cabinet and furniture parts, wall paneling and structural building panels for sale to industrial, construction and consumer markets. Visit the site for more.
810 Technology Drive, Barnwell, SC 29812   (2935)

Yeyi Group  Call 0086-571-86963969
China based company making their business grow far and wide by helping customers with top quality green building materials specially if you are looking for quality laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, PVC flooring, hardwood engineered flooring, vinyl flooring at the best prices. Visit the site for more details about these composites.
P.O.BOX 1606, Hangzhou P.R.China, P.C.:310016,   (2940)

Business Information: A Guide to the Laminate Flooring Business

Anyone who owns a home, complex or apartment building knows that the beginning to keeping quality and value starts with simple upgrades. If you are familiar with home repair, then you can assist those who are in homes or buildings. One niche area that provides specific help is through the laminate flooring business. This construction business provides an opportunity to build your craft into an opportunity to help others that are looking for the latest style in floors.

The concept of laminate flooring as a business is continuing to grow in popularity with laminate becoming one of the most used types of flooring for any home. This is because of the ease of use with this flooring. Specifically, the laminate flooring composites demand has increased by 8% among consumers. This is at an average of 50 million sales per year, all based on home improvement options for owners .

Laminate flooring launched in Sweden in 1989, and quickly became a popular form of flooring in the building and construction industry. It quickly became a trend for households and corporate buildings because of it's ease to lay, alternative and contemporary designs and the value that is placed on the flooring. The difference between this and traditional flooring quickly grew into popularity for individuals that were looking for an unique look to their home.

Not only does laminate flooring offer alternatives for home style, but is also popular because of the materials used. The composites that are used for the flooring benefit for two main reasons. The first is the ability for the laminate to last for a longer time frame, even if there is increased traffic in the home. More then this, the composites provide better quality because they don't collect dust or particles, like traditional floors. Those who have allergies are turning to the laminate materials to help prevent reactions to particles that may collect in the home.

Because laminate flooring is a continuing trend for newer designs and practicality, it is simple for individuals to become a part of the industry as a business. When you begin, you can define what areas you want to lay flooring in. It is known that 83% of laminate flooring is from individual residents. This is compared to 10% builder use and 7% commercial buildings that are a part of the trend . You can begin your business by specifying which types of individuals you want to lay floor for and which areas will bring you the most profit.

Not only can you look at these trends to begin your laminate flooring business, but can also consider the trends that can keep you in demand. Because the flooring has options for unique designs and individualized layouts, you have the option of catering to these specific trends. For instance, you can offer Brazilian styles, Chinese granite or traditional wood patterns. By specifying these different layouts, there is the capability for you to offer specialized results for different individuals.

Not only are the patterns, composites and demands for laminate flooring continuing to bring in new trends, but are also combining pricing options that are more efficient then traditional flooring. Most laminate is up to 50% off the price of traditional floors. The price break with the material is causing individuals to be willing to hire someone to place the flooring in their home or commercial business with the ability to have pricing considerations met. This is providing those interested in flooring to have better available options for their flooring.

For anyone who has home repair and building as a part of their talents, is the ability to meet the demands and trends through a laminate floor business. Understanding the popularity of this, as well as how to approach those who are interested in a home upgrade is the beginning to offering your services and craft to those who are looking into home improvement construction.

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