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Composite Door Company  Call 01924 898000
UK located company helping building and construction industry with designs that bring together the best of high performance materials and traditional design with different choice of colours, doorstyles, glass and accessory options door to suit all taste. Products include double composite doors, cedar, maple, cottage, birch, willow, ash and off set composite doors. Give a look to site for more business information.
Unit 8, Ripley Drive, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF6 1QT, USA   (3350)

Force 8  Call 0161 483 1997
Offer composite doors in a wide range of attractive styles and colours and delivered to customers in 10 days and the company guarantee them for 25 years and doors will not warp, crack or twist unlike traditional wooden doors. Products include 6 panel doors, cottage and stable doors, decorative glass, bifolding doors, twinglazed doors and much more made from finest materials. Give a look to site for complete business information.
School Street Industrial Estate, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Chesire SK7 4RA, UK   (3352)

Solidor  Call 01782 311191
Door building company whose range of composite doors conform to PAS 23 - 1:1999 and PAS 24 - 1:1999 standards of weatherability and security for composite doors. Offer products in wide range of style and colour options such as black, rose wood, Sherwood oak, white, red, blue and green, the option of various low thresholds both upvc and aluminium materials, making it the perfect solution for easy wheel or push chair access. Give a look to site for detailed business information.
Unit 11 The Cartwright Estate, Spring Garden Road, Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, ST3 2TE   (3353)

The Ideal Composite Door Company  Call 01536 312939
Leading provider of composite doors made from GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic) which is waterproof material and does not warp, bend or bow and also do not need repainting ever. Offer a full ten years warantee for all building products. The company's products are a choice of many businesses in the construction industry. Give a look to site for complete details.
Britannia Road, Kettering, Northants NN16 9RX   (3354)

Business Information By Mast Directory: The Composite Doors Business

Looking for enhanced security, redefined looks and better features for your front door is the beginning to better living. One of the newer options that are available for those interested in altering the doors in their home is the composite door which falls in the category of building products. This is known for it's designs, durability and better looks for your home. Knowing what is involved with the composite doors business and finding the alternatives to add into your home allows you to get the perfect style and comfort for your home.

When you begin to look into composite doors, you first want to define the specific makes that are a part of the doors. These are known to replace the traditional wood doors because of the materials that are used as well as the characteristics they have. Even though composite doors are made of fiberglass, steal, UPVC, aluminum or alternative materials, they are still able to come with the look and feel of wood doors, while offering more for the function of the look.

The composite door business became popular in the 1950s, and was made to provide better options for the overall functions in a home. For instance, the doors are known to come with six layers of installation. This provides extra heat in the winter and keeps in the cool air in the summer. They are also known for not warping from the changes in temperature because of the materials used and have designs that create the perfect fit for your front or back door.

The composite doors business is a part of the sheet metal, window and door manufacturing business. This not only includes basic manufacturing of the doors, but also includes specialized areas that offer ornamentation and architectural work for specific needs within homes. In the year 2008, there was a noted revenue of $37 million from these manufacturers, with a 7.5% decrease from past years. The largest company area is sheet metal, taking more than 50% of the revenue available. Metal windows and doors take another 30% of the revenue used, with ornamentation and architecture becoming a commodity at 20% of the industrial needs .

Even though the industry is experiencing a decrease in demand, it is expected to stay at a steady pace in up and coming years. The main reason behind the lack of needs for composite doors is based on the under construction of homes that the industry has currently experienced. This means that the main way that doors are installed and placed in demand from manufacturers is simply through the natural disasters and home improvements that are in the industry. It is expected that, once the housing begins to move back into better financial states, will also be more demand for the doors.

While the decreases and the expectation for changes in housing booms are a part of the business of composite doors building products, it is also noted that this particular type of door is higher in demand than any other. It's ability to offer higher installation and security than other types of doors are allowing several to move into this type of door as a main framework for the home. This is combined with newer technologies and innovations with the doors that may allow home owners to have better options available for their needs. These alternatives are expected to help the composite doors business to continue to move forward, even with the slower demands on under construction.

For anyone that is looking to open the door to newer construction and technologies for the home is also the ability to look into composite doors. This business is one that provides new and innovative alternatives for doors, as well as options for those looking at the needs that are a part of the home. Understanding the components that are a part of this, as well as the changes in the industry, is the beginning to understanding how this particular business functions best.

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