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Bridge Construction  Call +44 (0) 1291 623801
Based in Chepstow, South Wales, the company has three automated manufacturing facilities for high quality steelwork for bridges, sign gantries and more.
Mabey Bridge Limited, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, NP16 5YL, United Kingdom   (7200)

Danis Building  Call (513) 984-9696
Versatile company from United States offering a wide range of services including designing and building, construction management, general construction and lease-back. The company is active in tri-state region including southeast Indiana, mid-southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and northeast Florida.
11500 Northlake Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.   (807)

DTMT Construction  Call 08 9418 3933
Company 9001:2000 certified and located in Australia utilizing their labour and resources in developing highest standards of construction for major mining, industrial and civil infrastructure projects. Already completed numerious projects, using top quality building materials, such as tilt-up construction, detailed earthworks, mining infrastructure and more. Give a look to site for further information and details.
7 Rivers Street, Bibra Lake, Western Australia 6163   (2812)

Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.  Call +91 11 23358717,23358727
One of the well known indian construction company working on complex projects and already constructed well known indian buildings and specializing in civil engineering having executed over 42 Dams and Barrages, 300 Bridges, India’s first underground metro at Kolkata and the second one in New Delhi, 13 Hydel and 4 Nuclear Power plants, 140 Kms of Tunneling and 1,000 Kms of Roads and expressways in India and much more by making use of world class building materials and products. Give a look to site for more information and details.
706-707, 7th Floor, Surya Kiran, 19, KG Marg, New Delhi - 110001   (2811)

Kenny Construction Company  Call (847) 541- 8200
Award winning construction company handling complex projects to build and construct infrastructure like highways, airports, residential and commercial buildings, subways, stadiums, power plants, tunnels, hotels and more. Take a look at the site for more detailed information about the company.
2215 Sanders Road, Suite 400, Northbrook, Illinois 60062   (810)

Kiewit Corporation  Call (402) 342-2052
One of North America's largest and most respected construction and mining organizations offering world class services for all kinds of building projects whether they are small or big with complete dedication and utilizing the integrity of their labour resources and my making use of top quality building materials and products. The company also having one of the highest percentages of graduate and registered engineers in the industry.
3555 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68131,   (2813)

Shan Construction Company  Call +92-51-4100285
Construction Company already completed many successful complex projects in the country of Pakistan and providing services such as civil, industrial, commercial and residential construction with professional planning and management, building of spillways, lying of fibre optical cables, laying internet networks and much more.
Office No.1, First Floor, Rehmat Centre, Islamabad-94000, Pakistan, Aisa   (2814)

Business Information: A guide to Building And Construction Business

How To Go About Building And Construction Business?

It may be currently you are living in a house which is on rent. Being on rent you need to pay some fixed amount to your landlord every month. So a part of your monthly income is gone in paying house rent. Also there could be lot of restrictions imposed on you by the landlord as per the tenant agreement. These restrictions surely cannot give you full freedom to use your home the way you feel like. This gives a good reason for people to dream for a self-owned home. You can have your own house in two ways. Either you buy an existing home or construct your own home. You will need to take help of a real estate agent to buy an existing home whether its newly constructed or second hand. While any general contractor in your area is the person whom you need to contact for your new construction.

If you are a licensed general contractor you have the legal rights to construct buildings, apartments, roads, bridges, homes, offices etc., which is what involved in building and construction business. A general contractor is actually the person who contract with developers (home owners or real estate financiers) to work on the planned project. He is the person who will decide method and material to be used in the construction project. He is the one who is responsible to hire employees and subcontractors to work on the building project. He will also tell the financial budget required for the planned project.

Now the question is how one can become a general contractor? Is there any educational qualification required? To be true there is no any special degree required to become a general contractor but you must have completed your formal education and also need hands-on experience in the construction industry. However you definitely need a general contractor license to carry out your building and construction business legally. But to add an advantage to your business, you, as a general contractor, must acquire a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction technology, construction management or building science as developers look for highly qualified contractors to work on their construction project. Why developers look for qualified professionals? This is because a general contractor who holds a bachelor’s degree has complete understanding of the requirements of construction projects which are undertaken. They have gone through educational courses teaching them construction methods, construction safety, cost estimation, availability of building materials, site safety, budgeting, hiring and other skills needed for the building project.

Now let’s see what needed to obtain a general contractor license. Every state requires that general contractors pass an exam to obtain a license, but requirements vary. States typically don't require a bachelor's degree for licensing. However, most states mandate that applicants pass a written test on topics such as contracting and construction law. Some states require candidates to prove they have the financing to own a general contracting firm. States may also demand experience in the construction industry and references from customers, business partners or former employers.

Another Guide

Are you fond of tall buildings? Perhaps you are planning to construct few under your supervision; yes we can say you are heading for building and construction business. It’s nothing like first hand work but a venture that involves loads of measures and responsibility. Whether you are building houses, roads or commercial offices the norms and ethics of this business remains same in any category. Like true professional they are hired by individuals to construct or renovate building structures and that’s exactly where the job of contractor begins.

The person in charge would study the architectural plan and offer estimated price and time required for construction, once everything is settled the contractor should confirm that the structure he is about to construct is legally sanctioned. However the individual hiring business contractors then have no say as to mode and manner of work to be carried on land. One would require equipment, material and manpower to achieve his target hence one would need to organize a team of workers to accomplish his structure. If you are new in the business then get in contact with other suppliers and workers from same field to help you with information and supplies needed. As experienced fishers have their equipment ready they don’t waste time to employ the team to fish at best.

Usually building construction business is never a sole venture as the person in charge would be one amongst them simply leading his team. He could have been a painter, carpenter who after some years of experience now has manpower and experience to put things together in order. But if one wishes to establish a reputable construction business then a degree in architecture or at least a co-partner with similar qualification should be included in the team. It is often observed that small scale building contractors usually take on similar projects like houses, apartments and then floors etc. where as commercial building contractors feel interested in taking bulk business like big departmental stores or industry set up and all.

Building contractors lead a life of anxiety and moreover they have to be present on sites to guide workers and provide them with apt material and supplies in time. This simply implies that a building contractor might have to work hard at odd hours to meet his committed time span. The presence of contractor can also be called urgently in case of any causality or minor incidents at site. The progress in this business is gradual and it would take around seven to eight years to establish one’s name in the construction business. However one earn good profits in the entire building work and if you can haul bulk contracts with social contacts then profits might as well double up.

Recently the trend has taken anew twist with building contractors indulging in loans top buy land and construct apartments, so they could get bigger profits on the end sale. So if one is interested in making larger profits in this business there are means to pull off it. Before you decide to move forward in this line make sure you are prepared for the entire stress and unknown crisis at construction sites.

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