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According to Hindu Mythology after death there is life again. This is because all living creatures including human beings are souls and soul never dies. Soul only changes body after death. Suppose John is any human being and it’s for sure he will die one day? Actually he will not die because he is soul as every human being is soul. As said in Hindu Mythology souls never die and always exist. So when we say John will die it means only his body will die but he himself will go into another body and this new body acquired may be of human being or any other living creature. What type of body John will acquire after death will depend on his Karma. No one can stop death of a human being. So wedding is must to bring new generation on this earth in the form of children when older generation is dying. This gives clear indication that wedding is an important part of life cycle of human being. As long as the couples will get married there is a business for another group of people who are trying to make money from wedding planning or wedding entertainment business.

Lot of friends, relatives and guests are invited during weddings. When you have invited someone you need to entertain them as the guests have been kind enough to share one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Also some of the couples and their parents have the earnest desire that they should be praised for the kind of entertainment provided during the wedding. Such desires give birth to produce business out of entertainment during weddings. To fulfill such desires invitations are sent to a community of people who have the capability to fully entertain the guests arrived for the wedding. Here is where you get an opportunity to make money from wedding entertainment business. If you have such plan to entertain wedding guests you need to make it a full time business. There are lots of opportunities if you are highly skilled in entertaining the wedding parties.

For entertainment during weddings people usually look for DJs (Disc Jockeys), live singers and wedding bands. You will need to decide any one or all three to enter into wedding entertainment business. The type of entertainment you choose will depend on what is being preferred more by the local communities where you want your business to operate. Wedding bands and live music is common in countries like UK while DJ is popular in USA. While providing DJ services you will need a team of some 3-10 people who have good understanding of the latest trend in music and also have the capability to operate basic DJ equipment. DJ is only meant to play recorded music for the guests so that they can dance and enjoy on the platform provided. You or your DJ team must have capability to select and play music using several turntables, hard drive sources or CD players and mixing the songs with a mixer and modifying the tone or sound of the music recordings with equalizers and other effects. If you want to be impressive you need to be highly skilled and that is the only way to get more business from customers.

Since you play only recorded music in DJ entertainment the business is not very complex. Most important thing is the type of song selection or music to be played during the wedding party which can actually make the guests jump from their seats in excitement. The music should force even the non-music lovers to enter into the dance platform to have some great fun and entertainment with the natural body twists. And the viewers will enjoy too. There is not much cost involved in starting with a DJ business as you only need to have some money to buy the DJ equipment like cartridges, CD deck cases, reflector lamps, speakers, DJ lighting and their stands, Audio and more. But of course you will need to pay the artists hired to help you. Office you choose could be on rent or bought or initially you may start from home.

In countries like UK wedding bands and singers are invited for entertainment. Such bands usually consist of beautiful female singers and funky musicians equipped with musical instruments like Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion and more. Additional singers, musicians and a horns section can be added to both bands to suit customer’s budget. It’s a big business in UK. But there is a monopoly. Well settled bands don’t let new comers to replace them as they are already well reputed in respective communities. In such a situation the only thing that could make a difference is the prices. So as a new comer you need to lower your prices to get your entertainment business settled. Few more things are important to win the competition. Music is all about harmony and rhythm. The musicians and singers in your team should pick up a well loved song and should cook it in their kitchen soul with infectious rhythms and lush harmonies to create a sound that you will never want to stop. It’s the quality of the music which can really also help to eat away the competition in wedding entertainment business. Also you must have capability to play wide range of music and cater to all ages.

Another important thing is people should know about you and your capabilities. People who are not much involved in social activities will not even know which band is popular and whom to invite for their wedding ceremony. Such customers are also in good number. You need to reach them through marketing and advertising of your entertainment business. Usually such customers will look in newspaper classifieds, some local magazines or over internet for wedding bands, musicians and singers. So you must not hesitate to spend some money in advertising your business at such places where you think you can find lot of customers.

Advertising over internet is getting very popular as you can find customers from not only your own country but also from all around the world. You can have your own company website displaying detailed information about your entertainment business. Your website address could easily be printed on your business cards to have some good traffic. Moreover you can also advertise your website over internet. Let me tell you a way through which your wedding entertainment site traffic could explode. Take the help of some SEO (search engine optimization) company who can get your site higher in search engines like google for keywords like “wedding entertainment”, “wedding bands”, “wedding DJ” and “wedding music”.Search volume for these keywords is quite high in google. So you can find lot of customers once your site is higher in google and other search engines for targeted keywords. That is the most important thing you would like to do to find customers from all over the world. If you are an international wedding band nothing could be better than advertising over internet.

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