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Wedding is a social event which is conducted to perform marriage ceremony. Traditions and customs vary between religions, cultures, countries and social classes. It is a union of a man and woman toward a new life full of responsibilities. In some countries one has to obtain license for marriage but in others there is no need of any license. Friends and relatives attend the marriage ceremony of an individual and help to complete all the other traditions and customs according to the society and religion.

The man and woman being married are called groom and bride respectively. Therefore it is the start of the lives of a husband and wife with new responsibilities. The clothes which a bride and groom wear are traditional and special. The bride and groom do special care of their dress and other things related to wedding ceremony. In marriage ceremony many different elements are included to complete it. It depends on the culture and religion but music, prayer and poetry are some common elements in a marriage ceremony.

Marriage is the beginning of a new life and family. Marriage ceremony is full with traditions, rituals and ceremonies such as engagement and wedding ceremonies. Moreover these marriage ceremonies can take different days to complete. There are different types of marriages in which people show their own superstitious and customs. Double, destination, weekend, white, military and civil weddings are some common types of marriages. There are many customs which depend on the culture and religion of individuals. The dresses of bride and groom are selected according to the traditions and customs of the culture and society. Similarly the concept of music in different wedding ceremonies is different.

The ceremony of marriage is held according to the traditions of the society. It becomes a special day for every individual in his life. In china the wedding ceremony is different from that of Arab, Jewish and Indian marriage ceremonies. In these ceremonies friends and relatives give gifts to the bride and groom. There is a wide range of gifts for bride and groom. These gifts are registered in some ceremonies but some take it awkward action to register them. They show best wishes, prayers and witness of the attendants in the marriage ceremony.

In all religions, marriage is a union between wife and husband. It leads them toward a new life and family. Both the bride and groom have faith, vows and resolutions in them. There are different beliefs about the marriage in different religions. The views about the economic aspects of the marriage are different in different religions. The expenditures on marriage are different because in some regions wedding is a costly ceremony so bride and groom have to wait for long. But in some countries the expenditures are not too much and these are easily affordable by the individuals. It is wise decision to have a deep look on economic situation in case of marriage ceremony.

Wedding is a blessing for those whose life is set on the right direction and understanding is developed between the husband and the wife. It can be a teasing thing for those who are uncomfortable in it. The attitudes of different peoples are different toward marriage. Individuals involved in the union of marriage should be mature and understand each other to make it successful. It is not only the life of husband and wife but also a source of next generation. People have different omens about marriage for example some consider it pleasant and some consider it unpleasant so it all depends on the religious customs and thinking of the people.

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