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In United States, USA

Ford Motor Company

It is a multinational company of the USA. This was founded by Henry Ford. Incorporated in 1903, this vehicle manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers of the vehicles in USA and the entire world. This company of the USA also owns a small stake in Mazda Motors that is a Japanese brand and Aston Martin of the UK. This is one of the companies in the vehicle manufacturing sectors of the world such that it had introduced the means of mass scale production of the automotive in USA. Hence this is one of the pioneers in the vehicle manufacturing industry. It also deals in the management of the industrial workforce on a large scale basis. They launched their innovation in the markets of the world by the name of Ford-ism in the year 1914. This is the second largest manufacturer as well as the fourth largest in terms of the sales that are encountered in world markets. It falls behind the Volkswagen group. This was the largest maker of the vehicle as of the year 2009.


This is a brand of vehicles that is manufactured by the General Motors. This company was found by Louis Chevrolet. The year of establishment was 1911. This company was acquired by the General Motors in the year 1917. They were set up as a vehicle manufacturing business in the USA in order to be competitive in the markets of the USA against those of Ford vehicle company. They are the company in USA, that make an offering of the full range of the automotive. They offer a range of products right from subcompact cars to medium duty trucks that are used for the commercial purposes. This company is still in the period of recovery from the economic downturn that affected the world since the year 2007-2010.

In United Kingdom, UK

Aston Martin UK

This is a British manufacturer of the luxury cars in the UK. They are into the manufacturing of the cars for the sports utilities, and are based in the county of Warwickshire in the UK. It is also into the business of the design of the cars and the related manufacturing to be done by some of the Austrian car makers. This company was under the subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company from the years 1994 till the years 2007. This company was purchased for 479 million pounds by some company on a joint venture basis. However it is not deniable that Ford has a majority stake in Aston Martin. This company was founded in the year 1913.

Bentley Motors

This company of the UK is a British manufacturer of the automobiles founded in the year 1919. They employ the rotary aero engines and they were known for the same in the last few years. The most famous model of this company is called as the Bentley BR1. Since the year 1988. this company of the UK has been owned by the Volkswagen Group of the German based car manufacturer. The headquarters of this company in the UK is located in the suburb of Crewe in England. They have been establishing their central production facilities in the same region. This company of the vehicle manufacturing sector has always been underfunded before the time it was taken over by a millionaire to take over the partnership.

In Australia


This is one of the vehicle manufacturers that is based in Australia that is established as being one of the most leading brands of the automobiles in the world. They are known for the design which is considered to be in a sophisticated manner as well as the engineering which is rarely seen in order to differ from being intelligent. This is a company which takes a sense of pride in being a responsible manufacturer of the cars in Australia. This is a part of the PSA group which can be introduced in order to be one of the leading manufacturers of the cars in Europe. They are the ones who make the cars for the well being and also the comfort of the customers.

Holden Australia

They are known in order to be highly rewarded innovators in the field of the safety pertaining to the automotive industry in terms of the safety standards. They are also known for emitting the least amount of gases into the atmosphere in the range of cars that are defined to be in the suitability of theirs. This company under the group was able to sell 1000000 cars in the various markets of the world. The brand had taken participation in the car of the century competition in the Las Vegas and had come in the third place competing with its DS model. The history of Holden is since the long time of 1856.

A guide to Vehicles business

Trade and commerce has been going on around the world since ages and that’s how people earn their livelihood. Till some centuries ago trade was limited to one’s region or at the most one’s native country, trade was in effect done within borders. Slowly people began sending and receiving goods from across the border. Today trade and commerce encompasses the entire globe. People would use livestocks such as horse and donkeys to transport goods today surface and air transport play a vital role in trade and commerce reaching every single person life.

The business of vehicles is thus a huge one and accounts for different vehicles such as cars, sports utility vehicles, sports cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, land moving vehicles, tractors etc. There are many companies that are involved in the transportation and vehicles business and these companies have operation in different continents and different countries. Some companies like Toyota (the world’s #1 car maker) are mainly into manufacturing of cars while auto manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Volvo manufacture both luxury cars and trucks and buses. Korean carmaker Hyundai too has varied business interests ranging from car manufacturing to trucks and even shipbuilding.

Let us have a look at the market for trucks and buses. In North America itself there are some eighty companies that are involved in the making of heavy trucks and buses. The revenues are in tune of $25 billion and some of the prominent trucks and bus manufacturers include the likes of Daimler Trucks North America (Freightliner); Navistar International & Volvo Trucks North America. Both Volkswagen and Daimler make both chassis based trucks and buses as well as full body trucks and buses. In some countries as per business demand truck and bus manufacturers will just build the vehicle up to the chassis level and once the vehicle has been purchased the owner shall take the vehicle to a vehicles body builder who will then create a customized body as per the specification and requirement of the owner.

When the requirement is for a transportation truck then the body shall be built accordingly and with the same vehicle chassis the fabricator will buy raw material and create a passenger bus. This is not the case in other countries where vehicles for land moving and construction and engineering purposes are custom built as per established laws keeping mind the safety aspects too. Now if you are looking to enter the trucks and bus or transportation business for that matter you would certainly like to know wherein lies the potential for business growth. Well the demand for heavy trucks, tractors and earth moving transportation vehicles is completely driven by demand through construction business, manufacturing, agriculture and other such industries.

The transportation business is a huge one with transport business owners owning fleets of trucks that are used for all kinds of transportation work. Fresh fruits and vegetables are supplied to all corners of the world each day. Flowers from Europe have to reach China by flight everyday. How is this all possible that you get fresh apples from Australia even when the product is not available in the local fruit store? Well its all possible because of organized transportation, which means cargo, and freight planes will carry such things from the remotest corners of the world and deliver it to you. Cars produced in India may their way into Europe that is because some vehicles are exclusively produced at a plant in India and are sold in many countries. These cars reach there because of transportation.

The demand for buses is simple to understand, schools and colleges require buses so that students can come and go everyday. More educational institutions means more demand for buses. Also buses are an excellent mode of transportation from one city/town to another. For short distances people use buses to reach their destination. Certainly there are other modes of transportation that complete with trucks and buses. Like railways also are extensively for transporting good and passenger from one place to another. The same goes for planes and container ships are the most widely used transport carrier for good sent overseas.

If you are pondering upon ideas to start your own transportation or vehicles business then there are many opportunities that exist. For your own vehicles business you can take up car dealership of a car or automobile company. In case that is what you intend to do then you must conduct a feasibility report as to whether or not such a business is profitable. To do this you must look at the products that auto manufacturer has in the market, is there a decent market potential for such products, would you be able to grow with the company and is the margin on sales sufficient to meet your expense, these just some of the points you should have a look at before taking a decision. If you cannot invest money for a large car showroom space and money for car stock and service parts and service center then you can also another vehicles business that you would like to consider is that of used or pre-owned vehicles.

There is a great deal of demand for used or pre-owned vehicles and the market is growing. Many people just like to change their cars every two-three years and for them it makes sense to buy cheap pre-owned vehicles and sell it when they want to. Also people who live in different city and their working takes them to different places would buy a pre-owned vehicles and once their work is over they sell the car and move on. The business of used vehicles is one of low investment and good returns. Other business that are related to vehicles which you can consider is that of auto accessories, a vehicles repair workshop and auto parts. All of these businesses are not as investment oriented as that of a car dealership yet the investment depends on the scale of operations you choose for your business.

Another business is that of transportation. If you have the required investment capital and can have a work force of drivers, cleaners coupled with equipments like fork lifters to get into the business of transportation then you can consider this business. Again before arriving at a final decision it is important that you conduct a feasibility report of market condition, return on investment, maintenance and repair costs per year per vehicle, salaries to the work staff etc. But more importantly what any businessperson would look for is whether or not the market for transportation holds a positive outlook because that could determine whether or not you will get enough business to make a profit.

In our conclusion we’d like to emphasize that though the current market is reeling under tough economic recession but there remain good business opportunities in the market. In the vehicles market as in the transportation market companies are innovating with greener technology, which is the way forward. Technology that is green more fuel-efficient and has less gas emissions will find favor with business partners and will be the first ones to get the nod and approval from government to sell their products. Similarly transport owners will always choose those products that promise and deliver better fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.

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