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Vehicles are means of transport. They are non-living and mechanically manufactured by humans. Some popular means of transport are cars, trains, ships, boats, bicycles, aircraft, and motorcycles. These are used to carry human bodies and goods from one location to the other location. Transport means which are not made by humans are icebergs and floating trunks of trees. Carts are also included in transport means but they are not vehicles.

There are various forms of vehicles, some travel on roads, others in air and on water. These transport means are especially designed to travel on land, air or water. The materials of which they are manufactured also depend on the type of vehicle. Some of them have standard features while others have maximum available facilities.

Vehicles which travel on roads are bicycles, road trains, cars, buses, coaches, vans and motorcycles. These various kinds of transport means vary in shapes, manufacturing and price. Each kind of vehicle is used for different purpose. Different companies manufacture them in different models. They have different capacity and engine power. In these days technology has developed too much due to which new designs and models are easily available in the market.

People have to travel by air, water or roads therefore they need transport means of water, air and road etc. People use bicycles, motorcycles and cars personally therefore they keep such vehicles in their homes. Those having standard features are not much costly but some of them have extra features due to which their cost increases. They are used by individuals and by their family. These are not used for public transportation or commercial purposes. A large variety of such transport means has been introduced in the market.

Buses, coaches and vans are used for commercial purposes. These vehicles are used by the passengers to move from one place to the other. People buy them to earn money in the form of fare. They are heavy vehicles which are used by hundreds of people at a time. The design, cost and facilities available in them vary according to their prices. Their engine power, shape and size vary according to their functions.

Vehicles which donít travel on land are called crafts. Watercrafts, hovercrafts, spacecrafts, sail crafts and aircrafts are some common means of transportation. Only some of these crafts are affordable for people due to their heavy costs. Individuals cannot afford space crafts and aircrafts for personal use because it is not easy to buy or maintain them.

Trains are also used in the world for transportation of people and goods. A large number of people can move through trains because they have huge capacity. Trains are also public transport means and passengers use them widely. This is a cheap and fast way of transportation. Similarly aero planes are also used for air travel. It is a costly way to move from one location to the other. On ice there are limited choices for people to move from one location to the other. People use cart with dogs or boards for transportation purposes. They are not considered vehicles but used for transportation. In deserts there is no mean of transport accept animals or by air.

Boats are also used to travel from one location to the other on water. Some boats are cheap and affordable for the people. Similarly people can use water scooter and other enjoyable means of transport. But ships and large boats are used for public and trading purposes. These water transport means are cheap but very slow as compare to other ways of transport.

There are different kinds of passengers; some move from country to country others from city to city and some within a city. They travel by air, by rail, road or water. People select these vehicles according to their requirements and affordability because they vary in their prices.

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