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Children use toys to play with them. Different types of games and playing objects are manufactured for children. Toys are the basic things for children but children can use other things as well. The use of dolls is very old in the history of games. Toys are of various kinds, some are manufactured only to play and others for learning purposes. They are very helpful for young ones to learn and grow their bodies. They are used as an exercise of the mind and body.

The history of toys is very old so different kinds of materials were used to form them. In past sticks, rocks and clay were used to form them. The wood, pottery and stones were also used in old dolls. When the civilization was developed then games and playing objects were also changed and developed. Modern games and playing objects are made up of plastic, synthetic material and cloth. In past, parents form toys for their children but now they are manufactured in bulk quantities. This production is only possible at small and large scale industries.

In past the dolls were simple but it was not easy to make them. But in these days the formation of dolls is simple through machinery. Dolls are made in very complex ways and special care is done on each aspect of the dolls. They also differ from child to child because each one has its own choice. Moreover the toys of girls are different from that of boys. Girls mostly use dolls and boys use cars and weapons as their playing objects.

In these days toys are being used to educate children. They are used to differentiate between colors. The wooden blocks are used to teach English alphabetic and counting. Some special games are also designed which incite children to think and in this way they learn new things. These games are used in homes and schools for kids to teach them some basic concepts. The selection of toy changes with respect to the age of the children. Similarly the environment is an important thing in developing the mentality of children. Various types of toys are used at various occasions. For example they are given as gifts to children at their birthdays, Christmas and Easter etc.

Construction sets are very common in learning processes. In these sets different pieces are joined to form a model such as car and house etc. Children develop things in their own way using construction sets. Dolls and animals are being used as toys since many years ago. Dolls and animals are manufactured with plastic and cloth in these days. Colors and sizes of dolls vary according to the price and design. Vehicles are another important type of toys for children. Motor bikes, cars, aircrafts, boats and aero planes are the common vehicles for the children.

Puzzles are also very important and popular games for children. These puzzles develop problem solving techniques, algorithms and thinking in children. There are different types of puzzle games. Young ones use balls or footballs as their toys and play with them. These mental and physical exercises help a lot in the development of a child. Then there are mimics of computer, cars and some other devices which are a copy of the original things. They also inspire children to learn those things because they become curious in learning them.

Parents should see what kind of toy is useful and good for their children. They should check it and its parts completely. Care your baby when he is playing with the games and other playing objects. When your child is sleeping then put off all the games and playing objects. It is the habit of children that they put things in their mouths. The chemicals used in color and plastic etc. can be dangerous for the babies. So donít leave them alone when they are playing with the games and objects. Toys are very important for children to play because they remain happy and busy in their own games. They help in the growth of the children in various ways.

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