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An Overview On Top International Sports Goods Companies

From United States, USA


Nike markets the products that is made by it under the brand name of its own as well as the ones called as Nike Pro, Nike plus, Air Jordan etc. This brand is publicly traded sports goods as well as the equipment supplies in the USA. The revenue of the company in the financial year 2006-2007 was roughly around US $ 18.6 billion. The number of employees of this brand is around 30000 all over the world. This brand is the one that is famous all over the world and hence it has sales in the Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, Australia etc. The foundation of the company was made in the year 1964. This was initially named as the Blue Ribbon Sports. The founders’ names are Bill Bowerman ad Philip Wright. The highly recognized trademark of this brand is called as “Just Do it” and it contains the Swoosh logo.


Reebok International Limited is a subsidiary of the world famous German brand of the sports goods called as the Adidas. Then Reebok started off with its journey in the sale of the sporting goods for men by launching a collection which is exclusive for the sporting goods in USA. When there was a trade exhibition going on of the brand, it was later sold to an American on his persuasion. The international trade show led to the sale of the brand of the Reebok to the North America right from its establishment in the UK. hey provide an excellence in the total experience for the customers. Hence in a way they provide a value for their money. They give their customers a vast range in the products that they manufacture along with the splendid collection of the sporting goods for the customers of the USA.

From United Kingdom, UK

Edwards Sports

It is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the UK that are involved in the manufacturing of the sports goods. The tennis equipment that is manufactured by this company has been present in many of the top venues in this world tennis courts. They are in charge of making the cricket nets. They make their business successful by keeping their customers happy. They take regular feedbacks from the customers so that they can match the service quality according to the needs of the customers. They are dedicated in terms of offering their customers with the latest in the cricketing goods. They are to offer a lowest price guarantee to most of the commodities that they have to offer to their customers. This makes the sporting goods company in order to to consider its operations as being one of the most outstanding. They offer the most comprehensive range in the various areas of sports goods.

Harrod UK

This company in the UK for the sports goods manufacturing purely believes in the traditional values. They have been keeping and setting highest of the standards when it comes to the manufacturing of the sports goods in the UK. They have been the pioneers in the industry that is related to the manufacturing of the sports goods in the UK since more than over 50 years. The goods that are manufactured by this company are used in the sports where the performance matters a lot. They go as far as to be used in the Premier League Clubs, Wembley etc. You can probably find the need in order to find the required quality, strength of materials, performance as well as the safety standards are well taken care of.

From Australia

Hart Sport Australia

This company in the country of Australia is one of the leading manufacturers of the sports goods. This company has more than over 4000 products. This is an 100 per cent Australian owned company. They manufacture all types of the sporting goods, active play as well the recreational equipment. They have the customers in the form of the small teams of the schools, universities as well as the major national and international sporting clubs in Australia. They want to make it possible for the provision of some of the best in class of the sports goods that are available to all across the country of Australia. They are very well known for the offering of the quality of the products that they manufacture.

Nordic Sport Australia

This is a company in Australia that is based in the city of Brisbane in Queensland state in Australian mainland. This is a company that has been established in Australia since the year 1994 catering the requirement of each and every sport that has been played in Australia. They have been providing the sporting goods to some of the very best athletes in the world of sports. They have an intention of the provision of the quality performance.

A guide to sports business

Sport is an activity governed by some rules and regulations. In sports, competition is developed among teams or individuals. Some games based on our customs and traditions. In games physical and mental abilities of both opponents are used. In past there were limited games and they were not much organized. But in this age there is a variety of games and they are highly organized. It is a good method to pass time because it not only kills time but grows your mental and physical abilities.

Different sports are popular in different regions such as cricket in Asia and football in Europe etc. People have their own tastes so they take interest in a game which they like. The culture, weather and nature of people of that region play an important role in the selection of a game. This is the reason due to which different people like different games. Some like football others basketball, cricket, hockey, baseball, golf, chess, archery, badminton, boxing, swimming, running, cycling or motor racing etc.

Event management is the most successful business in modern days. If you have a plan to set a sports business, you can start it up with the most popular games in your country. It is a big business when you are organizing an event. Generally sports business comes up with multiple source of revenue generation.

An example would clarify the huge scopes and opportunities of sports business. Think of cricket. This game’s format and structure allows you to make great business every second the play will continue. You will have revenues from ticket sales, souvenirs, TV sponsorships, advertisements in the stadium, from the web, from TV shows and so on. The sources are numerous when it is a sports business. It is too many moneys one can think of with sports business.

Starting a sports business is easier like organizing the events, doing some promotional campaigns. Only thing is sports business get a highly taxed income. Strong power of lobbying is essential in setting a sports business. The permits for operating sports business are controlled with governmental legislation and have strictly control as it is huge money collected in a single day. Governments hold a speculative perspective while issuing these permits for sports business. However, if you have set a channel and strong lobbying power, you are likely to get one. It is only the permit that matters a lot as you would likely not going to have any fixed assets or any security deposits.

You can make the arrangement as such that you collect or gather few financiers at a time, invest the money’s from the lenders to the event, do all possible campaigns to promote the event, ensure mass security, add some fun features like cheer leading or so to your sports venue and schedule – make it an amusement and entertainment carnival for the public. If the propagation is going big, the sports will be big and so will be your returns.

Again, it is the same business for which you can approach differently if you believe in partnership. You can ask all the stakeholders to play on their roles like making contribution with their products and services and share the jackpot within yourselves.

There are some crucial aspects of sports business and the sport you select. Firstly you better go with the most popular sports of your country. Then it comes the season of the sport. Do not expect good return on rainy days or winter days. Identify the spectators of your sports, know their behavior and set your sports schedule accordingly.

These events or championship or tournaments can be promoted thru newspapers, websites, TV or radio channels. If your permit allows you, you can then set the game on an international context, too. Just check and abide by the legal aspects. Like organizing the sports, you can even go for organizing events like concerts, drama shows, stand up shows etc. These are all the same thing with same context and bindings! But sport is the most secured one with highest profitability than any other of these. You will enjoy the traffic of sports better than the traffic for concerts!

Use brain, be trendy, tricky and picky to get all best returns from sports business because whatever things are the scope, strength, weakness, opportunity and threats are revolving with this business – are centered on a time frame, are knotted with excitement. Identifying the moment, analyzing the mass behavior towards sport excitements are the key to success on this business.

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