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Skin is the outer cover of living tissues in an animal. It protects the body against pathogens and any damaged external environment therefore skin care is necessary to keep it functional. Skin performs various functions such as sensation, protection, heat regulation, evaporation control, aesthetics and communication, storage, excretion, absorption and water resistance. Damaged skin is discolored and cannot protect body effectively. Skin is of various types including dry and oily skin. The branch of medicine which is concerned with skin is called dermatology.

In the function of sensation it detects cold, heat, pressure, touch, tissue injury and vibration through sensual organs. The function of heat regulation controls the energy loss by radiations because skin contains blood supply more than its requirements. Skin is a great barrier against the fluid loss from body. Skin helps in detecting our mood, attractiveness and physical state from appearance.

It acts as storage for water and lipids. Excretion is the function which controls the temperature by sweating. Medicine can be injected in body in the form of injections and ointments. Diffusion of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen is also a vital function of skin. It has water resistance due to which important nutrients are not washed out of the body. Therefore skin care is necessary to perform all the above functions carefully and successfully.

When sweat is combined with dirt then a foul smell is produced. The functions of skin are disturbed and it can be seriously infected. Cosmetics should be used with care due to allergic reactions. Proper clothing is required for evaporation of sweat. Skin care is important to keep it healthy and functional. Moreover water, sunlight and air are very important factors to protect it.

Oily skin has its own advantages and disadvantages. Skin is oily due to a substance called sebum. Oily skin is categorized due to many reasons such as pimples, shininess and blemish. It defends against wrinkles and other signs of aging because the necessary moistures are present in the skin. Clogged pores, building of dead skin cells and blackheads are some common problems with oily skin. It can have rough texture and shows large visible pores everywhere except neck and around the eyes. Skin care for oily surface is involved in removing excess sebum from the skin.

Dry skin is an important and common type of skin. It is very sensitive because it can cause itching with little carelessness. You can feel cracks due to dryness of your skin. It is necessary to treat earlier to avoid serious skin problems. There are many tips you can use to care dry skin. Find out a good product which is suitable for your skin. Take good food and sleep because it can avoid problems such as aging. One should drink lots of water. Regular skin cleansers are good to use because it will protect your skin from bad effects. Your skin directly reflects what you eat and drink.

Skin care is necessary to avoid tumors and skin cancer. Moreover there are many diseases such as rashes, acne, fungal infections, sunburn, calcium cutis, keloid and scabies. There is great variation of skin color in the people of different regions. There are many types of skins such as pale skin, freckles, fair, darker and black skin.

It can take years to search a perfect skin care treatment. It is a continuous struggle because there are many products in the market but they rarely suit to the people. Dermatologists agree on the basic step of skin cleaning in the process of skin care. Moisturizing is the second step in this treatment. Protect your skin from extremely hot and cold weather. You can use lotion, creams, sun blocks, cleansers, balms and moistures to develop your skin.

It looks very good when your skin is glowing, vibrant and attractive. Therefore you should know the basic skin care techniques to care it properly. You should drink enough water, take exercise daily and moisturize your skin to keep it fresh and clean.

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