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Printing is the process of producing texts and images on papers using ink. It is also called printing process. It has become a large industry and vital part of publishing and composing. In this age, it is a common process in offices and businesses. At large scale it is being used in printing books, newspapers, cards and many other things. Different technologies are being used in this process.

The history of printing is very old. The first printing process was invented in China and first newspaper was published in Beijing. In early years woodblock printing was being used in East Asia, Egypt and china. People used it to print text, images and pattern. The printing of alphabets of different languages was done by using different techniques. Moveable printing was also used in this process at that time. In this method moveable pieces of metal were produced to print texts and images. This was a flexible method of printing as compare to other methods. In Rotary printing press a cylinder is used to print on long rolls of paper, plastic and cardboards. It was invented by Richard march and developed by William.

The methods of printing were developed with the passage of time. In past these systems and methods were complex and costly. But the development in this technology has developed these methods and now they are computerized methods of printing. A revolution came in the world of printing with the invention of post office printing methods. After this method advanced and late methods were invented which not only reduced the costs and complexity but the quality of printing was also developed.

There are various types of printing. It is done in office and at homes due to printers and computers. This process is simple and this method is used to print small number of prints. But if you have to publish books or print newspapers then you need printing process at large scale. For such purposes large machinery is used and presses are developed to process these activities. This way is cheap and produces more printing in less time as compare to office or home printing.

Offset is the modern process of printing. It is widely used process of printing in which inked images are transferred from a plate to rubber blanket and finally to the printing surface. When lithographic technique is used with this method then oil and water is used in printing process. In this process printing is done on the area where it is needed and that area where it is not needed is kept ink free. Books and newspapers are being printed in the method of offset lithography technique. This can print news papers, books and a large variety of other materials including floor tiles etc.

Gravure printing is also a popular technique of printing. In this process ink, blade and rubber is being used. This method is used to print high quality materials such as magazines, catalogues, postage stamps and printing of wallpaper and cloths etc. Digital printing is another way of printing around the world. Similarly some common technologies which are being used in it are blueprint, daisy wheel, dot-matrix, inkjet, laser, line printing and heat transfer. Digital printing provides high quality printing and color printing is also possible in it. While using a particular technology one has to see the costs, results and speed of printing. Color printing is very important in these days but it is not possible with all the techniques and methods of printing. There are some techniques which support color printing. But commonly black and white printing is being used because it is a standard printing in offices and widely used in printing books, newspapers and other materials.

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