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Pets are household animals kept for enjoyment and companionship. They are not kept for economic, working or sport purposes. They are popular for their loyalty, beauty and attractiveness. Mostly people keep common animals and birds in their homes. There are some kinds of pets that are found in larger number even sometimes they are overpopulated. Some people keep dangerous animals or reptiles in their homes but they are few in numbers.

Reptiles are considered exotic pets. They can be dangerous for human beings but some people like to keep dangerous animals. All types of animals are available at online and physical pet stores. Different people keep different types of animals for the purpose of pet. It depends on their choice as well as the trend and availability of pet in that region. Birds are animals that are found in large number anywhere in the world.

Cats and dogs are mostly taken as pets by the people. There are various kinds of cats and dogs in the world. Some people keep dogs for security purposes due to their loyalty. These animals are loyal, attractive and friendly in nature. Some people like to have large animals but they take huge space and it becomes difficult to look after them. Therefore most of the people like to have small animals because they can look after and keep them in their homes easily.

People who keep pets provide good food such as milk and meat etc. Cats and dogs are good companions of humans and a good source of passing time. These animals are very much liked in the whole world and they are not harmful. Even children can play with such animals. Various kinds of birds and fishes are also used for enjoyment in homes. These birds and fishes come in different shapes and colors due to which they look very beautiful and attractive. People bring small cages for birds and feed them properly. They communicate with them. Glass cases are used for fish and they are not only used for enjoyment but enhance the beauty of their homes.

People can purchase pets from pet stores easily. But some people already have animals and their number is increased with breeding. Cats, dogs and some other animals give birth to increase their numbers which are kept in homes. In some countries and cities government has restriction on the number of pet animals. Some governments donít allow particular types of animal to keep in homes of the citizen. Therefore whenever you want to have a pet you need to know all the rules and policies regarding them to avoid unpleasant events.

Although pets are kept for enjoyment but their feathers, fur and dander are caused of many diseases especially allergies. Sometimes injuries or deaths are caused by these animals such as dogs etc. Some times stress, fear and pressure are produced due to these animals. So there are two aspects of keeping these animals good and bad. On one side they are a good source to pass time, enjoyment and on the other hand they can create problems for their owners.

Those who keep pets should have pet survival kits to avoid emergency problems. Some people keep animals but they donít care for their health and safety matters. If you keep these animals indoor then there should be enough water and food for them to survive. Your friends and neighbors should know that you have animals in home because they can look after in your absence. The main idea behind all these things is to provide love and comfort to your household animals and avoid any kind of problem.

In short pets are very beautiful animals that are a good source to pass time. They look beautiful and attract humans. Humans feel that they are living in peace and close to nature.

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