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Musical instruments are the devices constructed to make music. They produce sounds in different ways. There are many devices which are being used for the purpose of making music such as piano, flute and drums etc. The study of music is called Organ logy. The chorology of these instruments is not exactly known. The use of these instruments is different in different cultures.

In past different references of musical instruments are found in mythology. They use them in different situations but historians and scholars are agreeing that there are no such instruments before the invention of the term musical instrument. Drums, rattles and stumpers are the first musical instruments in the world. With the development of culture instruments like flutes, trumpets and ribbon were invented. These instruments were used at various occasions but their use in music was not as much popular as today.

It is possible that you have not played a musical instrument but you have heard many of them. It is said that music is a universal language and inspires us greatly. You would be amazed to know that musical instruments were found in China nine thousand years ago. They were fluted made from animal bones. These instruments are the devices which are used to generate music. These instruments are controlled by the player to produce desired sound effects. Each musical instrument has its own rhythm, melody, timbre, pitch and duration etc.

Humans started to use musical instruments to produce melody. In the early period of musical instruments invention melody was known in singing only. Then some more instruments like ground zither, ground harp and jaw harp were invented. Popular and modern instruments are simple and anybody can play on them. There is no distinction among various types of instruments. These instruments are classified under four categories including bras, percussion, strings and woodwinds.

Trumpet is one of the most famous bras musical instruments. The tone of brass is produced by the vibration of lips when the player blows in it. The quality of sound depends on the size and cavity of the instrument. Some common brass instruments are trumpet, tuba, saxhorn, bugle, flugelhorn, sousaphone, cornet and keyed trumpet. Percussion instruments are those which produce sound when the object vibrates when hit by something, shaken or rubbed. Instruments under this category are piano, triangle, bass drums, xylophone, snare and cymbals.

In stringed instruments sound is produced through vibration when the strings are plucked. The sound and its quality depend on the quality of the musical instrument, tension of the sting, its length and mass and resonating cavity. Some popular string instruments are violin, bass, cello, sitar, viola, banjo, harp and guitar.

In woodwind musical instruments sound is produced when air blows against an edge causing air to vibrate in resonator. Common woodwind instruments are dizzy, piccolo, bansuri, bassoon, flute, saxophone, panpipes and fife. There are many other ways to classify instruments on the basis of different things such as systems, materials and role in music etc. Music produced through brass and woodwinds depend on length of air column, construction and shape of the instruments.

The construction of musical instruments has been very popular in these days. It is not easy to construct these instruments because they require training and practice of long period. It is difficult for instrument makers to make all kinds of instruments at the same time because their formation require specific skills therefore they have to emphasis only on one type of instrument. There are many instruments in which a keyboard is developed to use it easily. It does not show or taught how the sound is produced. They are developed in a way to play easily.

There are some other musical instruments such as piano, harpsichord and organ etc. These electronic keyboard instruments can create all kinds of sounds. All kinds of instruments and their information are available on different websites and physical music stores.

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