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Mat is generally a generic term for a flat material. Mat serves for variety of purposes such as door mat, gymnastics mat, place mat, mouse mat, etc. Shopping malls and discount stores sell these mats. Mats are used in many households in different places such as in Kitchen, Bathroom, entrances, wet floor, door`s, vibration places, gymnastics arena, etc. Entrepreneurs planning to start a mats business need to understand the different types of mats and their purpose.

Many of you might have used a computer mouse and there are chances that you might have also seen and used a mouse mat. Door mat is one of the most common every day object. It is a flat rectangular object placed directly in front of the house entrance. It is used to wipe out the soles of your shoes and also to absorb excessive water under your sole or feet. Bath mat is another common house hold item which absorbs excessive water underneath your feet. You can correlate the performance of the bath mat to a towel which absorbs excessive water from underneath your feet. Place mats are mats which are used on a dining table. These mats do not allow the heat to pass through them. These mats protect the table and allow a person to move the hot utensils from one place to another place. Before an entrepreneur starts up a mat business he needs to understand the shopping patterns of his local customers.

There are some industrial mats such as vibration mat, slip mat and chat mat. An anti vibration mat is placed between a vibrating object and the base of the machine. This vibration mat separates or reduces the vibrations from getting transferred to the floor. If this vibration mat was absent then the whole flooring would be spoiled because of the vibration`s from the machine. Slip mat is used by disk jockeys and other computer professionals who want to protect their compact disks or vinyl recordings from getting scratched. These vinyl records and record players are costly and slip mats protect these disks from getting scratches. Shopping precise mats for certain purpose is difficult and for this purpose mat businesses can put up their products online.

This industry can be a labour intensive industry and can also be an automated industry. Technology has developed rapidly which is allowing mat manufacturers to produce thousands of mats with minimal effort. This industry has good export and import potential. India is one of the leaders in producing different kinds of mats in different colours and in different designs. Before importing ask for a shopping sample. Banks and financial institutions may provide loans or finance help to these industries. Many small businesses in developing world have developed export oriented industries. These export industries can provide importers with good value and benefits to their bottom line. Many developed countries have started importing mat products to suffix for the demand they have in their local market. These importers and exporters can have loans/finance available from export and import banks of their countries.

Interestingly India uses extensive matting for floor coverings, fans, etc. Considerable export market has also been developed in India which has been supplying coir products, etc. Some of the materials which are used in manufacturing of mats are Straw, bulrushes, leaves of date palm, Palmyra palm, dwarf palm, etc. Some of the mats are made out of the grass such as munja munj grass, mat grasses, etc. These grass mats became famous by Palghat mats which were extensively used in Madras presidency.

Businesses small and large have started using mats and carpets to enhance the outlook of their house. Mats improve the air quality of the indoors. These mats are also used at places where there is wet floor. Due to their property of absorption they are used mostly at places where there are chances of slipping either due to water, oil, etc. Shopping of mats should be according to quality, price, durability and supplier proximity. Longer term contracts can be made with residential places and hotels for supply of mats which can provide regular income.

With the human evolution and introduction of civilization man has also learnt a lot about cleanliness and hygiene. Although humans tend to keep themselves clean it also becomes equally important to keep the surrounding and the house clean. In our homes one of the most common places that get dirty quickly is the flooring of the house. No matter how much time you spent on the shopping for the cleaning products the floor tends to get spoiled again. This is due to the entry of people with dirty shoes and feet. It is impossible to prevent people from coming home therefore the solution to this problem is covering the floor with the mats. The retail business of this product has become a very popular field for people to step in.

The people entering into this segment of retail business should get a market survey done in advance so that they can understand the products and the shopping demand of customers as well. Without knowing much about the mats it will always be difficult for you to guide your customers in shopping the best product for their flooring. In order to keep your self prepared for the new field such pre requisites are very important especially when some one is in the initial phase of the business. Hence it is always wise to catch up with the market and the demands of the public.

There are many times when you will find that customers go shopping to look for something that is different and nice for covering their flooring. In such cases the main purpose remains the protection of the floor. Here the added function of the mat is to provide a different and stylish look. These types of the mats change the complete look of the interiors and the styling of the house. The dual purpose makes it even more popular amongst people. Therefore in order to flourish in this retail business you should ensure that you have the best and stylish kind of products in your collection too.

The product is very common and famous and therefore there is no doubt that it is common amongst majority of the people. You will still need to pay attention to the other segments of the society as well. The segment that cannot afford shopping for this kind of protection for the flooring should also be offered some kind of product that comes in their range. Therefore while selecting the collection of the mats for your retail store you must keep al the categories of the product belonging every price range. This will help in getting more customers for your business since you will be touching more segments of the society.

You will also need to pay special attention to the fabric and the material that is used in the making of the product. The fabric should be absorbent and of a quality that can withstand good amount of wear and tear. It is also essential to understand the latest shopping trends of the market based on which the patterns, designs, and colors should be selected for the retail store. Apart from the function of keeping the flooring clean it also acts as material for decoration of the house. Another very important aspect to remember is the knowledge of the market sectors that need to be targeted for the mats retail business.

The sectors include the hotels, restaurants, offices, railways, aviation industry, road transport like buses etc that also depend upon the usage of the mats on large scale. You will need to work out and plan your marketing strategy well in order to approach these sectors for the business. You should try and get bulk shopping orders from such industries since their requirement is also large. Keep a track of all the new emerging offices and hotels and approach them with the outlook of the retail store and the product variety that you offer for the flooring. As a matter o fact you should try and get associated with such big sectors so that they provide business to you throughout the year.

This kind of through research of the market will help you in establishing your self in the local market very soon. Once you are more or less established in the local market you can also get into the export business of the product. You should get survey on the export market done in order to keep your self prepared for the global market. The shopping trends and needs may vary in the international market and therefore you will need to update the collection of your retail store before you go global with your flooring product company. The collection and quality of the mats will help you achieve stability in the international market as well. Going global will also increase the market value of the flooring product and at the same time fetch you more profit.

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