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As with any business, the effective marketing of a King James Bible business is essential if you wish for the business to succeed. Although the King James Bible is unique as well as being one of the best selling books of all times, effective marketing of this business is more important now than ever before. With the massive influx of various Bible translations as well as specific needs Bibles being introduced into the book industry on a regular basis, it is important to make sure that the marketing of a King James Bible business focuses on the uniqueness of the language used in the Bible as well as the completeness of the book.

With this said it is clear that before you can focus on any form of marketing of a King James Bible business, you first need to know your product and why it is such a unique and special book.

The King James Bible was commissioned by King James during the year of 1604 and was completed in 1611. It came into being as a means of filling the need for a Bible that had an accurate English translation. The Bible contains 80 books, that's 14 more books than the modern Bible, and is written in an early form of modern English, often also referred to as Shakespearian English. Today, a true King James Bible will still keep it's original 80 books as well as it's original language.

The marketing of any business requires that you give your clients something that they need as well as something that is unique. Thus, the fact that the King James Bible, to this day, retains it's completeness as well as original language, means that your King James Bible business already has, without any work from you, a unique product that any Christian needs.

After establishing that your product is viable, you need to place it in the market. With the King James Bible, you are competing against many versions of the Bible that cater for every need of every Christian on the planet. Instead of focusing your marketing on the needs of the reader, for example their age, sex and social standing, focus it around the fact that this, the most complete of all Bibles, is there to bring you closer to God through having you let go of your diversity, your needs, and focusing on your religion with the help of a Bible that is closer to the original Latin and Hebrew texts than any other book out there.

After you have used the completeness of this Bible in the marketing of a King James Bible business, you need to take time to make your product attractive. The major complaint about the King James Bible is it's language, the fact that many archaic words have fallen out of use in modern English. Instead of seeing this as a problem, focus on one of two things; One, that the Bible can be used as a center piece in your household, a piece to highlight your commitment to Christianity and gaining a better understanding of Christianity. Secondly, you can use the language as a way of attracting new clients through free give-aways of supplementary books. With every Bible you can also supply a free dictionary to the archaic words, thus making it easier to use as well as insuring repeat business for you King James Bible business.

Marketing any business effectively is essential and the King James Bible business is no different. By focusing your marketing on it's uniqueness and completeness, you will ensure that your business is a success.

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