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Jewelry is the personal ornament, such as ring or necklace, made from precious metals or material. It is worn on some special occasions. The use of jewelry in East is very common and more than the west. In East it is a part of tradition and women consider it very important for them. Diamonds and precious stones can also be used in its formation. It is especially used for decoration purposes at various occasions. In some countries men also use it in different ways.

There are many reasons due to which people use jewelry. It represents the class and status of the people who own it. It is a good way to store wealth and some use it to perform specific functions. Some people are very fond of it so they use it in different shapes. Brooches and buckles are functional forms of jewelry. In east it is widely used on marriage ceremonies.

In past jewelry was made from natural materials like shells, bones, animal teeth, stones and wood etc. But in these days precious metals such as gold, bronze, platinum, silver and gemstones are used to create it. They are also used in combination to create beautiful designs of jewelry. Different metals are used in different regions depending on the trend and choice of people of those regions. Some other materials such as glass, shells, ivory and bones are also used to create it. They are commonly used in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Goldsmiths use different techniques and methods to create beautiful designs of these ornaments. They use computer to designs master pieces of jewelry. The methods of casting and soldering are involved in its formation. The processes of cutting, carving and welding are also used in its creation. The designs of jewelry are very important because some places such as India, Dubai and Singapore are popular for their beautiful designs. The designs vary in nature and formation but people all over the world like artistic designs. It is not easy to carve metals in such beautiful designs but the expert goldsmiths do it artistically.

It shows the status and wealth of people who use it. Some people use diamond jewelry and others use gemstones such as amber, amethyst, jade, jasper, emerald, quartz and ruby in its formation. In metal finished people like high polished jewelry because it gives reflective and shiny look. Some markets are very popular in the business of gold and diamonds. The main markets of jewelry are in USA, Japan, India and Middle East. The clarity, design and shine show the beauty of an item in jewelry.

The cost of different metals, diamonds and gemstones vary from market to market. But in all markets they are considered costly metals and stones. People belong to middle class use gold jewelry and the people of high class use diamonds and precious stones in them. It has become a necessity of our life because we have given it much importance. People like to use it in the form of gifts to their loved ones. The gifts of gold or precious stones are liked all over the world.

It is not necessary to have precious gold or stones but the business of artificial jewelry is also on peak. Those who donít afford gold, diamonds or gemstones they can have artificial jewelry which look like original ornaments. In this way those who are very fond of it use artificial jewelry which is cheap and affordable by the poor ones. Jewelry plays an important role in our society and can be used as gifts. It has become a part of our tradition and culture.

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