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Here we will discuss about some of the top internet broadband service providers from UK, USA And Australia

In United States, USA

Comcast USA

This is one of the leading companies of the USA who are in charge of the provision of the cable as well as the communication products and services like entertainment to the users of the USA. They have a customer base of around 22.9 million of the subscribers for their video services, whereas the customers who have been enrolled for their services in the high speed Internet services number up to 16.7 million. They also provide the services in the Digital Voice Communications to approximately 8.5 million people of USA. They are the companies who are in charge of the development, management as well as the operation of the networks related to the cable services and also in charge of providing the services in the content that is association to the programming.

Verizon USA

At the company in the USA which is in charge of the provision of the services in the Internet related business. They consider that the integrity in the business of theirs is an integral component. This means that at Verizon, there is an embraceable of the diversity as well as the difference in terms of the age, educational background, race, ethnicity, style of work that is depicted by the different employers etc. The services that are provided by this company also includes the services in the broadband category of the Internet to the customers in the wireless category, and they cater the requirements in the residential sector as well as the business domains. They have a unique way of deriving the drives for their work force management and have an excellent relationship with their suppliers. They have a very distinct code of business conduct.

In United Kingdom, UK

Plusnet UK

This company for the service provisioning in the broadband services was established in the United Kingdom in the year 1997. They have a policy and a plan for their company which is simple, that is in order to save money by acting different. This is the policy of the company which has not been altered since the establishment of the company. They are the company who are into the providing of the services in broadband and home phone services in the UK. They provide the great value in their deals of the broadband services to the customers of UK. The customers and the industry partners of this company are of the opinion that they support their technology in the manner that they require. Hence they have been bestowed with the awards for being compatible according to their standards. This company has always been upfront in the process to develop a great relationship with their customers.

Zen Broadband UK

This company of the UK is an independent service provider for the Internet and the related services. They cater the business requirements in the UK as well as the residential customers in the several areas of the United Kingdom since the year 1995. This company is founded as well as currently owned by the managing director of the company Richard Tang. They have a company policy in order to provide the best in class of the Internet related services in the entire UK and surrounding regions. They have a commitment in order to make an investment that shall enable to fetch them the latest in technology of the broadband related services in the UK. They provide the highest levels of services in the UK. Along with the same, the make a provision of the world class support as well as reliability. They have invested heavily in the 10 Gbps network to provide high speed Internet all over UK. They can assure their customers that their services are something which can be relied upon in terms of the speeds which are consistent.

In Australia

Dodo Australia

This is an Australian owned and operated company. They are one of the most powerful and established telecommunications corporation in Australia. They provide their customers wth a full range of the products as well as services. They treat innovation as a key behind their success. Apart from telecommunications, they also conduct a business in the power and gas sector in Australia.

AAPT Australia

This is one of the leading companies in Australia that provide their services in local and long distance voice, mobile telephony as well as the Internet services. They are amongst the 20 listed companies which are always to be watched in terms of their stocks at the Australian Stock Exchange. They have an extensive network of the optical fibers. This company had its formation in the year 1991. This is a very fine competitor in terms of giving competition to the largest telecommunications company of Australia that is, Telstra.7 It has 3 per cent share of USD 32 billion market in telecommunications in Australia.

Internet Services Business Information

What business one can do over internet? I would say most sophisticated business is to provide with internet services itself. Just having a physical computer without internet connection is not very useful. In countries like USA 73% people use internet and its still growing. Infact the number of internet users are growing everyday in every country. Statistics shows that usage of internet has grown to 305.5% from the year 2000 to 2008 which is tremendious. So starting a business to provide internet access services could give you enormous profit on montly basis as internet users are charged on monthly basis. An article in the Philadelphia Business Journal estimated that there were more than 7,000 firms providing Internet access in the United States by mid-2000 which include telephone and cable companies, online services, large national ISPs, and small independent ISPs.

But now the trend is changing regarding internet service. Laptop users are growing day by day and a laptop is a kind of instrument which can even be used while you are in a car. Internet connection is usually provided by dial up or through cable. But what if you need internet connection in your laptop while you are in a car? Here certainly you will need wireless internet access because the cable is not going to run behind the car to keep the internet connectivity with the laptop. As a result the demand for wireless internet is growing and right now its very expensive. This is the right time when one can jump into the business to provide wireless internet services. There is 95% chance you will be able to make a lot out of this business provided you are able to setup the initial business requirements with professionalism. Once launched best way to gain customers is to offer them services at lower prices than other companies providing these services. It will lower your margin but you need to do this to get started with the business.

Getting started with internet service provider business require a company with lot of investment, knowledge and professionalism and you also need to get your company government recognized as people trust more to a legal company. If you are just an individual or a group of friends there are lot of other business opportunities over internet. But you need to be skilled in every field. Most of the businesses now require a website of their company over the internet to display information, products and services provided by the company . So a website is very basic need. Usually businesses look for web design companies and freelancer sites(like to get their website designed from professionals. If you are a skilled web designer or web programmer you can easily create your profile on freelancer sites to bid on web design and web programming projects. Thousands of companies and individuals already registered on these freelancer sites so its highly competitive business. As a result profit of margin is less. But its a good to start with business over internet. Similar is the case where you can do software development projects on freelancer sites if you are a skilled software programmer. Important thing is that you dont need to be qualified to get a job on these freelancer sites. You get work based on your history of work and ratings. If you are a new comer you can always get work if you can bid for minimum amount on projects. Some buyers who have less budget select new comers.

Scope of work over internet is actually unlimited as internet connects the whole world. Let us consider few more businesses which one can do over internet. When people need website they also need a domain name and webspace. Web Hosting companies over internet do this job to provide with web space and domain name registration services. Web Hosting business is a type of business which is very easy to start with and there is not much investment involved. Best is to become a reseller of different web hosting packages in LINUX and WINDOWS Servers. Customers who will buy hosting from you, will need to renew web space every year. So this business also generates recurring income every year which is quite good as you dont need to find new customers everytime. Important thing is to market and advertise your web hosting business over internet to increase the number of customers. Marketing over internet is not difficult. Google Adwords provide you with an opportunity to advertise your business(having a website) in just 15 min. With the help of pay per click advertising provided by google adwords you can start immediately to advertise your business over google search and content network to find new customers. Similarly you can make use of google adwords to find customers for if you are advertising your business or selling products online with the help of your company or individual website.

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