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Home and garden are important for humans to live and enjoy. In these days the trend of homes with gardens has been increased to a greater level. Home is a place of residence. It is used to live and store personal property. In these days modern houses are being built and they have all kinds of facilities such as sanitary, electricity and kitchen. People live in their homes to rest themselves and for privacy. Houses are made of different materials and in various designs. A large number of people are unable to construct their houses so they live in others’ home on rent. These people have to pay a certain amount to live in those houses.

Garden is a space used to cultivate and display plants. Mostly this space is reserved in outside of the home. Gardening is the hobby of some people therefore they use it to grow plants and flowers. The purpose of garden can be ornament of the house and producing food crops. It is a beautiful and pleasant part of a house. The term home and garden is used commonly which means a place for physical doweling and enjoyment. Some people think home a place where they spend considerable amount of life and grow. It is a broader term as compare to house. There are many types of houses built according to the demands of the residents.

Houses are made of different materials. It depends on the area in which they are built. The common materials which are being used in constructing houses are woods, cement, iron and glass. There are many designs of homes and gardens which are built according to the environment and requirements of the people. The construction in hot areas is different from that of cold areas. The prices of houses vary depending on the material used and their locations.

In past caves were used to live in but with the development of civilization people started to build new, good and comfortable places to live in. these places are called houses. These houses have different kinds of facilities in them. Some modern houses are so much facilitated that you cannot imagine it. These houses show the level of human civilization. The development of science and technology has brought revolution in architectural industry.

In these days garden has become an important part of homes. It is a good way to decorate your home. They can make your home appealing, relaxing and attractive for individuals to stay. You need to design you garden according to the area and design of your house. Both the house and the garden should be consistent with each other. You can choose trees and flowers according to the design and requirement of your home and garden. You have to install fountain, birdhouses, plant stands, plant potters and statues to decorate your garden.

It is a challenging job to decorate your home and garden. Your garden design and development can enhance the value of money, time and effort. You can grow different types of flowers to decorate them. They provide different kinds of fragrances and their colors enhance the beauty of the home and garden. You can also install garden benches to sit and kill time in the lap of nature. The presence of pond or fountain in your garden can provide soothing effects. You can use different kinds of lights in your garden.

Garden design is the layout of your plants and flowers. There are many professional designers who can guide you in this matter. While designing a garden individuals need to keep in mind their budget and area where they are designing the garden. While designing a garden various elements such as soil, lights, air, rocks, plants and pools are considered. They can observe nature and kill spare time. People can relax them in garden and they can grow useful plants or food. Kids become very active and joyous in garden as compare to adults. Home and garden are good places for people to live and spend their time. Garden is not only a source of producing food but they promote whole family and society. People who live in homes having garden spend their time in a good way as compare to others. It is natural for individuals that they remain happy, gay and carefree in the nature.

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