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Health is the state of physical and mental well being of an individual. It can also be said absence of diseases and deformities is called health. It is a great blessing of God because a sound mind is found in sound body. There are many aspects of health to care about. A healthy person enjoys his life and career as compare to those having poor health. Physical health is the result of regular exercise, proper nutrition and other physical activities. Your health should be good because it will enhance your personality, effort and achievements. The physical health of an individual can be guessed from the height, color and agility in your body.

Mental health is the psychological and emotional health of an individual. It reflects good effects on the body of an individual. If you are physically healthy but mentally ill then you will remain restless and uneasy. On the other hand if your mind is healthy then it can be acceptable for your body. But most likely you should be healthy physically and mentally. In this way you can work well on your goals and tasks. Your physical efforts combine with your mental efforts to achieve your goal.

If you are mentally healthy then you can bear common problems of tension and stress. A mentally healthy person can overcome on such situations. Physical health will enable you to bear physical labor in the way of your goal achievement. Mental health of an individual can be determined from the performance of an individual. Individuals should maintain their health to keep their performances up because in this way there lifestyle and efforts will not be affected.

There are many aspects which an individual need to focus to live a healthy life, nutrition is one of them. Proper diet can help you a lot in being healthy. It is common that prevention is better than cure. If you would remain careful about your diet then you will remain healthy and will not feel illness. You should be socially healthy because it will bring good relationships with others. These relationships will help you in the way of health and your goal achievement.

Exercise is one of the most important activities you need to live a healthy life. It provides you strengths and power to work efficiently and effectively. Exercises increase your physical activeness and performance. People who take regular exercises remain healthy and away from common diseases such as cancer, heart disease, back pain etc. There are various types of exercises which one could take to remain fresh and active. Some exercises such as flexibility, walking, running and sprinting are very useful for people. Physical exercises are necessary to keep your muscles, bones and joints strong.

Hygiene is important for peoplesí health. It is a function to keep your body clean to avoid illness and infections. It includes bathing, hand washing, washing food and brushing teeth. These activities keep germs away from the body or food. Stress management is also an important aspect to consider because if you would be able to manage stress then you can live a healthy life. Long mental strength can cause illness and problem for people. Health care is the treatment, prevention and management of your health.

If you have knowledge about health then it would be easy to care because first of all the person would start care from his nutrition. You can also get information about health care from journals, magazines and websites. Therefore it is very important for people to keep them healthy and work competently toward your goal achievement. In short health is very important for people and they should care for it to enjoy life and career.

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