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Gift is something, when given to someone without the requirement of any return. It cannot be included in trade or compensation. Gifts show your love, passion and feelings for somebody else. It is a best source of expressing love and care for others. It strengthens the bond of love among the individuals. There are many things which people can use as gifts at various occasions. Moreover they are good sources to develop relationships among the individuals.

The presentation of gift should be exciting and beautiful. It varies from culture to culture, but normally gifts are wrapped in wrapping paper. It makes them beautiful and presentable to the individual whom you want to wish. The packing material and style varies according to your chosen gift. You can also attach a card or note on your selected gift according to the occasion.

There are many occasions on which you can gift different things to your loved ones. It is not necessary to wait for an occasion to gift something to your loved ones. You can gift them at any time without waiting an occasion. There are some popular occasions like Christmas, birthdays, wedding, passing exams, fatherís day and motherís day etc. Gifts on the occasion of Christmas express love, friendship and gratitude. It is a religious occasion of Christians which scatters happiness and love among the people. Similarly there are many other religious occasions of Hindus, Muslims and other nations. These occasions are full of love, peace and sacrifice. People exchange gifts at these occasions to express their feelings.

Birthday is very common event in all over the world. People celebrate birthday occasions according to their economic position and class. The person who has his birthday gives cake and receives gifts from relatives and friends. Gifts are also given to the babies at their birthdays by the friends and relatives of their parents. In wedding ceremonies people give gifts to the bride and groom. The couple gives food and drink to the people who are attending the ceremony. Similarly gifts are also received by the couple at their wedding ceremonies.

Those students who pass exam also receive gifts from their parents and friends. On fatherís day, the father receives the gift from others and similarly on motherís day mother receives them. Gifts are not restricted to such occasions only because their exchange between guest and host is also a traditional activity. Gifts at friendship day and without any occasion create good relations with others.

There are various kinds of gifts which an individual can give to others. But mostly people gift those things which others like because it increases their happiness. A gift can be anything from an ordinary thing to a special thing. You can gift some special objects which are created for the purpose of gifts. People gift jewelry, diamonds and gold to their wives or beloved ones. Similarly perfumes, chocolates and toys are also used for this purpose. In this age some virtual gifts are also available in the market such as downloadable software, e-book and music.

The laws about gifts in different countries are different. In some countries tax is applied on them but those presented at the occasion of promotion and to an employee from other employees are excluded from the tax. Religions also encourage gifts in the form of charity and alms because it is necessary for those who deserve it. It is given by the wealthy persons to help the poor. It is necessary to maintain the balance of wealth among people. Gifts are very popular in these days and are involved in the routine life of people. It is also a way to help others in the time of need. It costs less but give great happiness to others who receive it.

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