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Furniture is an important component of our homes. It is used in various forms such as beds, chairs, tables and shelves etc. All these objects support human beings in their routine life. These objects are portable and can be moved from one location to the other. The quality, design, price and color of these objects can change according to our requirements. These wooden objects not only support and help us in our activities but give beauty to our rooms and homes.

Furniture is made of different materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Wood is the most popular and common material in the formation of these objects. There is a wide variety of wood which can be used in its formation. The price of wood varies with respect to its quality, beauty and durability because there are many kinds of woods. Carpenters can use different colors to make these wooden objects attractive and beautiful for the people. The furniture made of wood is durable, stylish and affordable for all. Carpenters rarely use expensive wood because it is not affordable for most of the people.

Metal and plastic are being used to manufacture furniture in these days. It has emerged as a new industry and receives good response from the market. The color of plastic and metal furniture is easy to change. Some designs are difficult to manufacture using wood material but can be made easily using plastic and metal. The price of these tables, chairs, beds and other objects vary according to the quality of these objects because they are available in low as well as high quality.

Artistic design and beauty is especially given to the wooden furniture. It increases the beauty and attracts people to have it. Objects like wooden clocks and lighting are used for decoration purposes. These objects can be used as interior decoration objects. In past people fulfilled their needs of furniture with the help of stones and trees. They used stones and trees for their sitting arrangements. Similarly they used it for different other purposes.

With the development of civilization the methods and techniques to manufacture furniture were also developed. People started to use more structured and developed wooden objects in more civilized shapes. The use of stone was finished but wood became the main material for its manufacturing process. It was the requirement of people which teach them how to cut, carve, emboss and decorate the wood according to the required shapes. The artistic designs of furniture made it more attractive, beautiful and comfortable for us.

In past heavy furniture was being used but with the passage of time people started to use lighter objects. The woods which are commonly used for its manufacturing are oak, mahogany, walnut, fruitwoods and inlays etc. The furniture of these woods has become expensive therefore some other woods are being used to meet the needs of people. These woods include pine, poplar, fir, pine and ash. The characteristic which are seen to form furniture are grains, color, durability and hardness. Now woods of more than one kind are used to prepare it. It is becoming popular because it is economical and durable for the people.

China has become very popular for its furniture all over the world. This industry has become very popular; and countries like China, America, and U.K. are getting their market share successfully. It has become an object of interior decoration therefore people choose suitable items for their homes. They like to buy durable, beautiful and economical furniture. Different types of furniture are manufactured in different markets. But it is common that all people see the durability, beauty, color and hardness of the wood used in the process of formation.

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