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From United States, USA

Pepsi Co.

It is a Fortune 500 company in the food and beverages sector in USA. The headquarters are located in Purchase, NY. This is a company that deals with the marketing, distribution as well as the manufacturing of the cola, grain based foods for snacks, beverages etc. This company is the result of the merger of the two giant companies in the food and beverages sector Frito Lay and Pepsi Cola. The year of establishment is 1965. In the financial year 2009, the revenue of the Pepsi Co. in the form of just retail sales of the 19 combined products was around US $ 1 million. In the USA, this company is ranked as being number one in terms of the food and beverage industries. The total number of employees of this company is around 285000. The distribution channel of this company is present in more than 200 countries. The net revenues of this company being around US $ 43 billion.


This company is called as Kellogg Company when it comes to being off from its corporate logo. This company had sales of worth US $ 13 billion in the last financial year. This is the leading producer when it comes to the cereal and the leading producer of the convenience foods in the world. The some of the products that are made by this company are cereal bars, toaster pastries, snacks that are fruit flavored, waffles, vegetarian foods etc. This company of the USA has its manufacturing plants in more than over 18 countries of the world. However, the distribution channel of this company is so vastly spread all over the world that it supplies more than 180 countries. The global headquarters of this company are located in the Battle Creek in Michigan in USA. The establishment of this company was done in the year 1906.

From United Kingdom, UK

Natural Fruit and Beverage Company UK

This is a company in the UK who is in charge of the soft drink manufacturing as well as contract filling. They are in fact a subsidiary of the Loch Lomond Distillers Ltd. They had formed this group in the UK since the year 2001. The turnover of the group now has an excess growth of 120 million pounds. They are considered as being innovative in their line of business. It happens to be one of the leading companies that is involved in the resealable packaging companies. They produce their own brands and also work with some of the leading companies and meet the highest standards in the set of the specifications that are given by them. They are into the development of the new packaging systems. They conduct their business based on a set of ethical skills. They are respectable towards the customers, staff and also their suppliers. They introduce new flavors in their drinks so that they can present a wonderful range of flavors to their customers.

Italian Beverage Company

This company is into the sector of the food and beverage over more than 50 years in the making. They are into the sales of only the finest products in this category. They make a sale of their products in more than 17 different countries. They are located in Borehamwood County of the UK. They ensure that they provide the best in quality that remains fresh in the minds of their customers. They take regular feedback from the clients of theirs. They have a young as well as an enthusiastic team of the individuals. They take pride in stating the fact that they make a supply of their products to most commercialized companies in the UK and that too at a mass scale. They are always able in order to meet/surpass the quality standards that are given to them by their customers. They have the manufacturing units not only in the UK, but also all over Europe.

From Australia

National foods

This is largest food and beverage company in Australia. They make milk as well as other diary beverages. In addition to that they make fresh juice, soy products, etc. They have a dedication towards the quality as well as the integrity towards the development as well as the sustainability in the industry which they operate in. They have more than 400 people employed. They credit their business success in terms of the brand portfolio. They innovate in the new products research so that they can meet the current as well as the needs of the future. They acknowledge their business partners to be present and participate in their growth.

Australian Food

This is the subsidiary of the Australian Government in order to develop the tailored services for Australian food and beverage services. They organize the focused buyer missions, they realize key areas in gourmet and the organic foods.

Davies Chocolates

This company in Australia is in the business of the chocolates in the food and beverage industry of Australia. It is located in the Kingsgrove suburb of the state of New South Wales in Australia. They make a range of hand made exclusive chocolates. This company also can provide the custom made chocolates in order to suit the customers on bulk orders. They also make an arrangement of specially made chocolates on special occasions in the special boxes in which they make the delivery of their products.

A guide to Food and Beverage Business

Every one wants to work hard and earn well to have good and quality lifestyle. Have you ever thought why people do that? The answer seems to be very simple. We do it for the basic amenities of our daily lives. One such important thing deals with fact of the choice of what we eat and what we drink. This is where we pay maximum attention to these days. Every one likes to eat and drink well and for the favorite and special kinds people are ready to pay any amount of money. It is no doubt that keeping in mind this fact one can come up with food and beverage business if you were planning to start with one. It has a huge scope for success.

This field is growing tremendously at a rapid speed. The need to eat well is not only a necessity but also a choice people have. There are good food lovers across the globe waiting to try out the latest types of cuisines available at different diners. Some one said it and said it very right that a meal is empty and incomplete without a good beverage along with it. Therefore, if you have ventured into this field then always open a hotel of joint where you make the hard and soft kind of drinks available to the customers. This will give more scope to your business.

As a known fact, people like to try different types of cuisines available in different countries. Not every one can fly or travel to different places and get to taste the dishes. Here is where your company can play an important role. While planning for the kind of dishes you are going to make available in your outlet carry out a study and analysis of the type of continental, oriental cuisines that are preferred by the people where you are starting your business. This will help you in selecting the food type and beverages that is in demand. When you serve the cuisines that people prefer, automatically your joint or restaurant will make good sales and gets good return of investments.

There is another way of succeeding in this field once you are in the settling phase of the company. You can start with branch of your food and beverage joint in different parts of the world. If the quality and taste of your product has been accepted and liked by people you can start spreading the business. You can have a chain of restaurants across the globe. This will give you a good international market and also brand name. To fetch more customers initially you can keep the price of the cuisines low. This will attract more people and also slowly as you increase the price also customers will keep coming back for the taste and quality.

People these days are very conscious about the food that they eat. The cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen and cooks are of utmost importance. Also you need to pay attention on the cleanliness of the restaurant, cutlery, furniture, etc. freshness of the cuisine is something attracts everyone. If the food is even a bit stale it can be dangerous from the health point of view as well is against the ethics and morals of any business. Keep the beverage options many; apart from the hard drinks also provide juices, cold coffee, ice tea, milk shakes, coffee and tea, wine, bear etc to widen the choice of customers. If you are also into the production and supply part of this business then your first task is to find clients. If you are manufacturing various bakery, fast food snacks kind of products then you will have to do a market research and study to find out the various restaurants, joints, diners, and beverage providing café etc. by doing this you can list out the clients that will be interested in your products. You will have to also do good marketing and advertisement of your service and supplies. This will make your company popular. As people recognize your brand name you can easily mould into the business.

To stay in business and in news the best way is to keep taking out new schemes and offers on your meals and beverages. You can also offer mini meals and combo offers which attract a lot people these days. Everyone likes to share and have different kind of food material available. So make sure your combo offers few items together along with a drink to compliment it. Also you can come up with schemes of providing free stuff on the purchase of certain amount and type of cuisine. This will increase the sales of that particular food and beverage item and also make it popular. Ultimately your company will benefit in terms of profit and publicity. The more you understand the human need of eating and drinking and related fact, more you will be able to establish the company.

A guide to food and beverage business would typically involve setting, opening and operating a fast food shop or bar or mini restaurant. These eating places popularizing every day round the globe. People are more interested in taking their foods outside the home than inside their home. Several factors are contributing to the growth of these restaurant businesses like numbers of countries are improving their economic conditions, changes in life style, eagerness for professionalism, mass urbanization and so on. Catering for wedding is also good business option to make regular money.

However, if you have decided to do food and beverage business you would need to critically analyze following aspects of your business:

Budget: First set the budget, with which you want to start your food and beverage business. Depending on your business type and format the budget may vary. A manufacturing plant will require you much more than operating a restaurant. If you are opening a fast food shop or restaurant, you need to divide your budget into multiple heads like location, rent, furniture, raw materials, utilities, decorations, promotion etc. apart from the other accounting heads for capital budgeting.

Location: once you have firm realization on the area to operate your business of food and beverages, it is now your responsibility to identify a suitable place for your restaurant or fast food shop. Remember food stores or restaurants do not run well at all if they are not in heavy traffic areas. You need to set your shop in place where the public access and gathering occurs number of times a day. It is very critical to select the place. If you are set on a right place you may not need to spend a lot on decoration to attract customers. Otherwise if you locate your restaurant in a far place, you will have to spend a lot in decoration to attract customers.

Legal and Hygiene Issues: once you decide to operate you must get all legislative matters cleared and get your set up regularly inspected by the inspectors for quality and hygiene issues. Depending on the countries legal systems, the strictness and restrictions vary on different level. You need to be serious according to your own land laws to operate. For few countries the fine can go very high while others even can get inside you jail.

Promotion and Marketing: Apart from stunning presentation, food quality, service quality, decorations, your marketing would involve arrangements of events to catch more customer. Like in your restaurant premise you can organize any country specific cuisines, put some banners on. Add some colorful, graphic banners, posters, leaflets etc to catch the customers. Promote your business to different corporate offices to get their institutional requirements on different business meeting occasions. Offer them commission if they ask for it. The main consideration in establishing a strong relationship with your customer and culturing the customer relationship to a business prospect – should be at the center of your marketing campaign.

Financing: Ideally very little effort is required to get finance for the food and beverages business. Bankers or money lenders or financial institutions offer credit based on your restaurant location. So tap them accordingly.

Product and service mix: Your man power should be well trained and you should maintain the environment to be congenial and different than any other operating restaurants to stay strong in service mix. Also you should take reasonably low time to process each order. Apart from service mix you need to stay strong on your product mix. Offer varieties of products from different origins and places and from diverse brands. The more choices you can provide are higher the chances for your customer to make orders. But, maintain a synergy on this product mix offering as some customer becomes lost in long lists of delights. So check their choices too.

It is like a family to serve with food if you want to shine in your food and beverage business.

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