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Flower is a beautiful and attractive representation of nature. They vary in colors, smells and designs. Flowers are also known as bloom or blossom. The biological function of flower is to produce seeds when male gametes are met with female gametes. Seeds are the next generation of flowers. The design of each flower is suitable for the transfer of its pollens from one flower to the other.

Pollens are transferred to other flowers by various means. Plants donít move from one place to the other. There are two ways to transfer these pollens to other flowers. In first method birds, insects and bats bring these pollens with them to the other flowers. These pollens are stuck with the body of these insects and when they sit on others they stuck with that flower. In the second method wind take these pollens with them from one flower to the other. Pollens are light weight particles which can easily be moved from one flower to the other with the help of wind.

There are four common parts of a flower. The outer part of the sepals is called calyx. The color of calyx is green. The second part is corolla which is soft, thin and colored part of the flower. It attracts insects for the purpose of pollination. Stamen is the part of flower having anther and pollens. Pollens contain male gametes and carpel is the fourth part of flower which is female part of reproductive system. Some flowers are seasonal but others blossom during the whole year.

Their color and fragrance vary from flower to flower. Different people like different types of flowers. There are a large number of flowers in the world. Flowers are a good source to express your feelings and passions. They are given as gifts to friends, elders, colleagues and patients. This way of expressing your feeling is soft and mild like the flowers. They are the symbolic representation of different passion in different cultures. They show different meanings in different cultures. For example red roses are the symbols of passion, love and beauty. Poppies are the symbols of consolation, lily is used in burials and symbolizes resurrection, and similarly daises are the symbols of innocence.

In this modern age people have find out new ways to cultivate, buy and usage of flowers. They are used for a wide range of events and occasions. They are used at the occasion of Christmas, new births, birthdays, as a token of love. They are also used to decorate halls, homes and vehicles. They are used in parties and in wedding ceremonies. These are given as gifts and used at the occasion of funeral. Therefore flowers have become a vital part of our life. People grow them in their homes and gardens because they not only enhance the beauty but can be used at many occasions.

In these days imitation of real flowers is being used. These artificial flowers are used for various purposes and you donít need to give them water. Artificial flowers are made of a variety of materials such as foam soap, ground clay, plastic moldings and nylon netting. They look beautiful and are available in various colors but they have no fragrance. These flowers are mostly used in homes for decoration purposes because they are not withered. Moreover they donít need special care as those of real ones. They are also used in decoration purposes.

Flowers are a good gift of God to human beings. There is a large variety of flowers and each one has different purpose and beauty. They affect pleasantly on humansí nature. They are a good source of expression and enhance the beauty of homes and bring charm in events.

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