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Entertainment business is a huge industry. There is a reason behind this. Most of the people need a sort of entertainment for relaxation after being tired from routine work. Entertainment is as important for a human being just like eating food and wearing clothes. Enjoying life has become a habit of human being which has given birth to all kinds of entertainment products. One can entertain himself in various ways like listing to music, watching television shows, watching movies or films in theatres or home TV, online chatting with friends using internet and computers, playing with musical instruments etc. All this is not possible without making use of entertainment products like Television, Music Systems, Computers, Radio, Disco systems, CD and DVD players, etc. This is making entertainment products as basic need of every person on this earth resulting in great demand of these products and helping entertainment business to flourish and making businessmen to create retail or wholesale stores at every corner of the street.

The film industry is completely based on entertainment business. Film makers, producers, directors, film financiers, actors, actresses, music directors, singers etc, all are contributing to the production of films and videos, and thus trying to make money from this entertainment business. Once the film is released it is available for sale in the form of CDS, DVDS and VIDEO Cassettes. There is another group of people who are fully engaged in the selling of these entertainment products like CDs, DVDS and VIDEO Cassettes and they also come under this entertainment business category. There are certain businesses like they provide video production services for wedding, corporate events and other ocassions which are also a part of entertainment business.

After the introduction of general information on entertainment business, now the question is how profitable this entertainment business is? Is there any future of it? I wont say that there is no future but this industry actually has gone very competitive from business point of view. Like entertainment film industry has lot of scope but only for those having extra ordinary talent. There is lot of money and fame for you if you are talented enough to highly entertain the general audience with your unique acting style and approach. But even if you have a talent its hard to get a chance in the film industry and it is more or less dominated by ancestors and their new born family. But as said, "Where there's a Will there's a way". So if you are highly dedicated and strong enough, you can make your way for sure.

Also there are lot of people already involved in selling entertainment products like CDs, CD and DVD players, Tape recorders, Radio, Games, Television and other eletronics. This is a very common market and so its not a profitable business if done with small investment. You cannot exist with small investment due to large competition. But if your product is unique and have quality and you can afford large investment then you can make your way in this business. If you just want to become a reseller or distributor then you cannot think to become rich overnight by selling entertainment products. Its just that you can open a store and start selling in retail to get your life going. But if you think of something big like having your own manufacturing unit with your own brand name, then there is a better chance that your product can caputure the market with monopoly. When you have a monopoly you decide your profit and thats make you dominate in your business. Many company like Sony, Samsung, Moserbear etc already have their monopoly and as a result they are leading the entertainment market.

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