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Since the ancient time women played an important role in development of society and whole world at a glance. A home is not a home without a woman. A gathering, a function, or an occasion is incomplete without woman. Similarly a woman is incomplete without jewellery. Jewellery wearing makes a woman more appealing and charming. Jewellery is a perfect gift to your loved one, dear and near one.

In addition, if we look at the history of marriage ceremonies jewellery has always been an inseparable part. The Indian wedding is prime example of that, at each ceremony related to the wedding jewellery more so gold jewellery is gifted. The same goes for other occasions too be it the birthday Valentine day. Jewelry last longer than flower or use & throw items, perfumes, or an electronic product. Jewelry comprises of pearl necklaces, ruby studded diamond necklaces and bracelets, or gold and Tahitian pearls’ rings and earrings, or a perfect set comprising exquisite pendants, necklaces, bangles earrings, bracelets, antique jewellery, coins jewellery, diamond jewellery, gold jewellery, fashion jewellery,gemset jewellery, Platinum jewelry, synthetic diamond jewellery, titanium jewelry, pearl jewellery and synthetic gemstone jewellery.

When you look for jewellery, engagement ring or diamond ring shopping for yourself or your partner, be very careful. World Gold Council and other associations are doing a lot to protect the interest of the millions who do jewellery shopping. When you are shopping you should be sure of the product that you are buying. Jewellers might seem to be harmless but they can be a total scam, especially with diamond engagement rings . Some jewellers try to make you believe their diamonds are genuine. Don’t be victims; learn how to identify genuine diamonds and how to avoid it. It is an emotional gift also. Jewellery is a safe investment also.

Jewellery is a promising & well settled international business. It is a multi billion dollar industry. There are International Fashion Jewelry & Accessory events taking place in every part of the world. Millions of people take employment directly or indirectly in the jewellery business. There are big malls and showrooms full of jewellery products in almost every city in the world. In fact jewellery is need product for every one’s day to day life.

It is a good start for any one who wishes to have their own business. However, it requires a good cash flow capital. Proper training and having in-depth knowledge and experience is essential to start business. One can procure the basic material from the producers such as plant and machinery, technical know how, basic metal and basic gems. You could very well display your products with the showrooms, shops or direct marketing through dealers with sample and print media at different locations.

Another venue for marketing your product is an exhibition. As when exhibition takes place on jewellery and its related product, one may take part in such exhibition to high light his/her product and can convert visiting prospective buyers to his client. Low cost fashion jewellery is also in big demand now days. They are good for couple of years. It requires low investment sums while customers too have to spend less money on attractive jewellery. It looks great and can be compare with the high value jewelry product. One could be least worry if his fashion jewellery is lost or misplaced or stolen or damaged as the amount invested is negligible. You may take care of your precious and low cost fashion jeweler by keeping them into jewellery box. They are mini travel jewellery box, Lined in Silsuede and Finished in Oiled Leather and Durable Synthahide, traditional jewelry box etc.

Be it any culture the engagement ring is amongst the most sought after jewellery. For women the engagement ring epitomizes her love and feelings. An engagement ring is a ring presented by a man to his prospective bride while he proposes marriage once she accepts his marriage proposal. In addition, a man presents the ring as a betrothal gift to his prospective bride. An engagement ring worn by a woman indicates her engagement to be married. This ring represents a proper agreement to future marriage. Women in some case will go engagement ring shopping with her would be husband or with her would be in-laws to select a ring of her choice.

Wearing of engagement rings in the finger by the woman differs from country to country as well society to customs to cultures. Woman from the country such as Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Thailand it is worn in ring finger on the Right hand. Countries such as the United Kingdom, The United States, The Netherlands and Denmark, it is worn on the left hand ring finger by the woman. In some countries the engagement ring also called as promise ring or management ring. In some countries, both women and men were engagement rings.

The value for an engagement ring can differ greatly depending upon the design of the ring and materials used and style. The material includes gemstone such as diamond, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and precious metal such as gold and silver. Diamonds which are more in choice have a certified description which values them according to their color, cut, and clarity and carat weight. Three diamonds engagement rings with matching diamonds in a row with a bigger stone in the center also in big demand. Now, however modern alternative metals are also being used widely such as titanium, tungsten and stainless steel.

You can start your business of marketing of engagement ring depends upon your availability of cash flow and skill.To make awareness of your products or business one need to approach many places or people, which is not practical in today’s busy time. One could hire a space in the mall. A big flow of customers is always there in the mall .Display your products with attractive banners and catalogues. Attention of visiting customers could be drawn and same could be converted in sale.

One can start this business through affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, your main task is to promote the products that you are affiliated with. It works simple. You first get training or information on the product, than market the products on the internet if a customer purchase a product through your referral link or affiliate; you will earn an affiliate commission. However, in the world of internet marketing, thousands of sites are severely competing with each other to gain new customers or business. To succeed in internet marketing business, one must arrest the interest and trust of the visiters.It is not simply enough that you have a good product or well designed site.

Finally, jewelry is an item good to have as a stock, good to gift to your loved one in almost every occasion, good to put your money for investment purpose. This is an item which could be converted into cash anytime in need. It is a symbol of your social status and your loved one will always be pleased to wear them and have them.

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