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In United States, USA

Sun Power Corp USA

This company in the USA for the solar power hrnessing was found over more than 25 years ago. Sicne they have been established in the markets of the USA, they have been very well able to set the records as well as break the records that have been set up by other businesses of the solar power that are based in USA. They are the very few businesses that are into the solar energy that are responsible for the major industry milestones in the markets of the USA. They have been in the inception of the markets and the related technology of the solar energy companies since the year 1985. They have the greatest inds in the industry that are able to challenge the conventional thinking that has taken over the saturation in the the power industry. They are the leaders in the industry with a 22.4 per cent of the efficiency in terms of the energy ratings.

USA Solar Power

They have one of the most advance solar systems that are built using the state of the art technologies. They have a mission that makes them compel in order to search for the solutions that are based upon the strong committment towards the harnessing of the energy of the sun. They shall cater the requirements of the home owners, home builders as well as the commercial customers of theirs. They are of the opinion that the entire world should be able to cause a shift that is from the harnessing of the energy from the fossil fuels to the energy that is obtained from the sun. They are the ones who shall help their customers in order to make an installation of the renewable enrgy systems so that switching that is to be done towards the green power is possible quickly and with ease.

In United Kingdom, UK

Solar Essence

Solar Essence is a leading company in the UK for the harnessing of the solar enrrgy and the design, manufacturng as well as the supplying of the products that deal with the renewable energy systems. They are the ones who have their unique specialization in the business of the UK for the solutions via the products which use the solar power for the various needs of the mankind. Their solutions are unique, innovative and capable of driving the markets of the UK.

Evo Energy

They help the residential as well as the business customers of theirs in order to secure the future in the energy sector by making an effective use of the power from the sun. They sell the products in the UK which deal with making use of the design and the installation in the products that make use of the power from the most easy and existing unlimited source that has been available to the mankind, i.e. sun. They guarantee a high level of service for the customers of theirs. They generate clean and also efficient source of electricity which makes use of the sun as the fuel. They are very much focused to the needs of their customers. They are the ones who make a provision of the guidance of the installation process to the every customer of theirs who comes across them. They offer the latest when it comes to the technological innovations and that too at the prices that are considered as being very much affordable. They make the solar power a practical solutions for everyone.

PV Solar Panels Installation

Middlesex, London based wholesale installar of solar panels and also supply components needed for manufacturing solar pv systems.

In Australia

Rainbow Power Company

This is an unlisted company operating in the public sector of the country of Australia. This company was incorporated in the country of Australia in the year 1987. They make a sale, have their research and development center in the products that make use of the solar energy. They have the various equipment that are based on the consumption of the solar energy. They are one of the largest and also the most experienced in terms of the renewable energy generation. They have the basic objective of their company in order to turn the attention away from the energy that is consumed from the existing fossil fuels on the earth. They are very well against the destruction that is caused by making use of the fuels in this manner.

Inspire Solar

This solar energy company in the country of Australia has its distribution center based in the commercial city of Australia that is. Sydney. It is purely an Australian owned company that deals with the installation as well as the supplying of the renewable energy solutions to the customer base of theirs. They make a provision of the complete solar solutions and are also fully licensed. They handle all the aspects of the design as well as the installation of the solar PV systems in Australia.

Compare Solar Panels Cost

At, they aim to provide all the information you need in order to make an informed decision on the feasibility of solar energy for your home.

What are the various types of energy and environment businesses?

Energy is something which can do lot of work. Like you may want to relax in a swimming pool in winter season. You will not like to jump in a swimming pool in cold water specially during winter season. So you may need to make the swimming pool water hot or warm enough so that you can have a comfortable bath or swimming. In order to make the water hot, heat energy should be transferred to the water. This creates the need for some sort of equipment which can transfer heat energy to water in order to bring it to the desired temperature. This is where the energy business begins where people need energy to fulfill their needs and you could be the one who can do business to fulfill the energy needs of customers by providing them with the relevant energy products. For your information direct electric pool heaters, swimming pool heat pumps, heat exchanger, solar pool heaters and gas/oil pool heaters are the main types of swimming pool heating systems which you can deal with to start with energy business.

If you are worried about environment try and offer green energy products which are cheaper and due to environmental safety, customers will prefer them more. Solar hot water systems like unglazed plastic collectors to heat swimming pools are better option as green products where these products utilize natural solar energy(energy given by sun) to heat the water. Selling green energy products is far better option in your business to make more sales and add to profit as cutomers prefer them more. Like solar hot water systems will be preferred more to heat swimming pool water as they protect environment as well as save electricity. Solar energy is renewable or you can say free of charge as it doesnt require processing to utilize it while the electricity is not. There are millions of dollars spent to generate electricity by various processes. So electricity is not free to get. On the other hand heat energy we get from sun is absolutely free. So products based on solar energy like solar panels are more cheaper and more demanding in business.

Lets proceed with other options in energy and environment business. Did you ever imagine that now solar energy can be converted into electricity? For your information and to let you know that Photovoltaics(PV) is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells for energy by converting sunlight directly into electricity. Due to the growing demand for clean sources of energy, the business to manufacture solar cells and photovoltaic arrays has expanded dramatically in recent years. And this is one business which as an individual or independent investor one can start and there is bright future in this business for sure. There are two types of products one can sell under this category, Solar photovoltaic modules which uses solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricity and solar thermal collectors which uses the sun's energy to heat water or another fluid such as oil or antifreeze.

Lets move ahead with more options in environment business now. Have you heard about sound pollution? If some industry is there nearby your home or it may be that you yourself work in any specific industry where there is lot of noise of the industrial machines while processing any type of materials then loud noise is really irritating for you and it can make you deaf. This is called sound pollution which is one of the part of environmental pollution. There are companies who provide a wide range of objective and independent design services in acoustics, noise and vibration control, and environmental impact noise analysis. So this is one another good business you can choose in the environment category. Not many people involved in such products and as a result there is hardly any competition in this business which in turn will let you decide your own profit.

Nature has been very kind to the mankind. Since the day humans began their life the environment has provided them with all the possible materials to sustain their living. The basic requirements like air, water, soil, plants and animals are all provided to us by the nature. All these material provide the basis of the energy that is generated and circulated in various forms in the universe. Sometimes it become every important to select such segments of the nature and utilize to achieve products that form the bare essential for the survival of the mankind. There are many such sectors that have started business keeping this concept in mind.

One such major segment and requirement of today is energy. We all are facing the crisis of this power that runs all the activities and is literally the functional unit of survival. No matter what work we do or whichever segment we select the various forms of this functional unit plays the key role in completing the task. Those who are planning to come up with such a business should first understand the concept of environment and ho the basic air, water, and soil follow a cycle to maintain the life. The first step is to understand the concept and functioning of each sphere of the environment to be able to generate any product out of it.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed is a very well known fact. This fact forms the basis of the entire business concept in this field. Keeping in mind the current power crisis, it becomes very important and useful to plan a project where a renewable resource like water can be utilized to generate electricity out of it. The most important and popular plan is the hydro-electricity power plants. They are the plants that not only generate electricity but also keep the environment pollution free. Therefore this is one of the best projects that one can start with in this field.

In this business you will firstly work out the complete project and construction plan. The work involves the construction of dams in order to hold the river at a particular height. This helps in maintaining the pressure, speed as well force with which the water needs to fall upon the turbines. These turbines rotate and generate the electricity out of the kinetic energy of the water with the help of a dynamo. The raw material used here freely available in the environment and makes the project even less costly. This basic plan and concept has to be studied and a study has to be done on all the related issues.

To start the planning and project work you will need to hire a group of people that are experts in this field and have worked on such projects earlier. The construction of the dam to hold the water at the desired height has to be also done with proper calculations and designs. There should be no flaws that can hamper the energy business plan or most importantly cause damage to the surrounding areas. Therefore you will need to get and environment impact assessment done for the project and start the work only after you get an approval from the government.

Once you get an approval you can start the actual work of the construction. You also need to understand that there are various types of machinery and equipments that will be required to carry on the process of conversion of kinetic energy into electricity. Only storing of the water at a height will not help you in achieving the desired results. Therefore you will need to do a market research of the equipments that are required and the dealers that can provide it at the best possible price. Although the raw material is free of cost and easily available in the environment you will have to invest a good capital for this part of the business.

This kind of business is actually a boon to the society. In the energy crisis situation in the entire world this kind of business that is involved in the production of electricity that too with the help of water is for the betterment of the society. With such a social welfare intention and cause you can also approach the government. Every government has an environment ministry that deals with all the related issues. Such departments can provide the financial assistance to your project since you are working for the society. You will need to approach the government with the marketing strategy and get their approval along with the funding.

Another very important factor is the location of the project. It is always suitable to setup the project in mountainous and hilly region that have natural water falls. This reduces the effort of maintaining the speed and flow to create electrical energy. Keeping the social factor in mind you can also promote your product and the business in form of a social initiative especially when you get the government’s approval. You can conduct environment awareness campaigns, seminars and street plays to create awareness amongst the public as well as the promotion of the product.

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