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The flow of charge through non-metal conductors is called electronics. In past it was known as “Radio Technics” due to its concern with the design and theory of radio receivers and transmitters. Non-metals are also called semi-conductors. Electronic components such as resistors, transistors and capacitors are used to affect charge in a desired manner in an electronic system.

Mathematical methods are very important for the study of electronics. Individuals should be proficient in mathematics of circuit analysis to learn and improve it. In these days electronics engineers use various software programs to design electronic circuits. These software programs handle all the complexities in the way of circuit design. Computer is also useful in complex calculations regarding the circuits.

Different types of circuits are being used in electronics appliances. Analog circuits are used in radio receivers because they use a continuous range of voltage. Digital circuits are used in electronic clocks and computers. They represent two states of voltage; low (0) and high (1). Heat dissipation techniques such as heat sinks and fans are used to improve reliability of the circuits.

In past different methods of connecting components are used such as pin to pin wiring of components. But trend has been changed and know printed circuit boards and integrated circuits are being used widely. Individuals who want electronics based career should have strong foundation in basic theories. It is a competitive field for individuals so they need concrete knowledge and hard work to succeed. Current, voltage and resistance are the three most common terms used in electronics. These three fundamental concepts are very important to understand the basics of electronics.

Voltage is also called potential difference. Voltage can be positive or negative and it is the force that pulls or pushes electrons through the wire. Current is the flow of electrons through a conductor. It is measured in Amperes or Amps. Resistance is the opposition against the flow of electrons. It is measured in Ohms and represented with ‘R’. It reduces the voltage and controls the current. It is found in every media but its level can vary. According to Ohms law they are related as Voltage = Current x Resistance (V=IR).

Many schools, colleges and universities offer certificate, bachelor and degree level electronics programs for their students. Large numbers of online educational institutes offer different electronics courses for their students. Online courses are beneficial for those who work in office and study in their private time. Certificates of electronic courses are offered by vocational institutes but bachelor and master degree programs are offered by the universities. Universities offer computer networks, data communication, computer systems, and digital electronics courses.

These institutes offer specialization in many fields of electronics. They enable their students to work competitively in the market. They offer specialization in hardware design, information systems and related technologies. Graduates of these universities are prepared to serve the market as system designers, computer technicians, technical specialists, electronics technicians and network technicians.

These professionals develop and manage security systems for corporate office, security firms and industrial buildings. They develop innovative products and recommend better security solutions for the companies. Educational institutes of electronics teach installation, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of different kinds of devices and equipment. Professionals deal with the automotive, mechanical, household, computer, telecommunications and business electronics. These professionals can install, test, troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment competitively.

Electronics is a good choice for profession. There are many available positions for graduates in this field. It is present in all forms of business so the demand of electricians is in every field. You can choose the profession of acoustic technician, electrical engineer, service technician, computer technician, construction electrician, telecommunication specialist or electrical installer. There are handsome salaries for these positions and after a sufficient experience salaries will increase more rapidly.

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