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Electrical products play important roles in the life of human beings. There is a wide variety of these products which are used in every walk of life. You can use them in houses, business and for commercial purposes. This is the invention and innovation in electrical products that the life of human beings has become simple and easy. Science and technology has been developed so much that everything you think is available in the market. These products vary in their functionalities and prices.

These electrical products are stable, efficient, safe and reliable. These products are launched in the market after testing. There are many products in the market such as freezers, televisions, camcorders, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, toasters, juicers, ovens, CD and DVD players etc.


Camcorder is a portable electrical product used to record videos. It has a video camera and recorder in one unit therefore the name of this compound device is camcorder. There are many companies which develop camcorders. Previously videos were recorded on digital tapes but with the passage of time storage media were replaced with optical disks and hard disk drives. Storage media such as tapes and memory cards are removable in some camcorders but non-removable if hard disk drive is used as a storage device.


Freezer is one of the useful electrical products used in all over the world. It throws external heat in the environment. Whatever mechanism is being used, the internal temperature of the freezer is maintained below freezing point. It has separate compartments for freezing and cooling functions. A domestic refrigerator has many new features as compare to the old refrigerators. The temperature of a refrigerator is kept a few degrees above the freezing point. Today’s freezers are large in size having great storage capacity.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are designed to extract heat from an area using a specific mechanism. In designing air conditioners, a complete system of ventilation, air conditioning and heating is developed. These electrical products are used in homes and cars to provide comfort in hot weather.

Washing Machine

Washing machine is one of the commonly used electrical products. It is designed to clean clothes, sheets and towels etc. This term is used for those machines which use water in the process of cleaning. Washing machines use thermal energy, chemical action and mechanical energy.


A computer is an electronic device which manipulates data according to the instructions of the user. In past, size of computer was larger but now smaller and more efficient computers are being invented. Computers can store, process and manage data efficiently as compare to the manual systems. Computer is one of those electrical products which became popular very quickly in all over the world. Laptop computers have been very common in IT professionals.


Toaster is an important kitchen appliance designed to toast slices of bread. The shapes of toaster vary from company to company. It is easily portable electrical product. The usage of power is different and it normally takes 1 to 3 minutes to toast a bread slice.

DVD Player/Recorder

DVD players and recorders have gained popularity in last decade. They play and record videos on blank writable DVDs. These devices are easily available in the market.

Compact Disc Player

It is one of the widely used electrical products for entertainment. It is also called CD player. It plays audio and video CDs. CD players are mostly installed in computers, car and home stereo system. Some players can play MP3 CDs and it also comes in portable forms.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is used to suck dust and dirt particles with the help of an air pump. It is used on floors and carpets for cleaning purposes. It is one of the advanced electrical products and popular in advance lifestyle.

Microwave Oven

This kitchen appliance is used to heat or cook food. Microwave radiations are used to heat food. You can adjust temperature and timings for the heating process. They heat food quickly, safely and efficiently. The user has to be careful else the food can be damaged. It provides facility and comfort to the user.

Video Projector

Using video projector you can project an image on a large projection screen through a lens system. The projector plays important part in meetings, presentations, trainings and conferences.


Television is very popular electrical product in the world. It is used to see moving images on the screen. There are colored and black and white televisions available in the market. The image is accompanied with the sound so it is very interesting medium. A television consists of many electronic circuits and chips to complete its functions successfully.


A juice is a simple machine used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. There are many kinds of juicers in the market but it is a necessary kitchen appliance. Different juicers use different mechanism to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

The demands of electrical products vary according to the requirements of the users. Different companies manufacture these products having different and unique features. They can vary in quality, price and technology.

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