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In Australia

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the very best educational institutes that are present in not only in Australia, but all across whole of the Asia Pacific. It is a public university. The University was founded in the year 1853. This is one of the oldest educational institutes that exist in the state of Victoria in Australia. Apart from being the main campus in Central Business District in Melbourne, this educational institute has also several other campuses that are located in various other parts and suburbs of Melbourne. It is a proud member of the “group of eight” in Australia. The revenue of this educational institute alone from the students that are located internationally is around USD 1.1 billion. It is one of the best educational institutes in the world when it comes to the best amongst the employers' choice in recruiting the graduates from this university.

University of Technology, Sydney

This an educational institute that is based in the New South Wales state in Australia. The educational institute was founded in the year 1988, very recently to be amongst the very best in the internationally recognized institutes. This educational institute is very famous in order to be located in the center of the city of the commercial capital of Australia, that is Sydney. This educational institute is amongst the very best in the world and has international recognition from the Times Higher Education in the country of Australia. This was one of the only 2 universities that was given the A1 ratings by the Federal Government Education Department in Australia. There has been a strong culture that is associated with the field of research in Australia that happens in this university.

In United States, USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is one of the very best educational institutes that exist not only in USA, but also the in the entire world. This is a private research institute that exists in Cambridge suburb of the state of Massachusetts in USA. This educational institute has five schools and one college. Apart from that, it is very well known to be the best amongst the establishment in the 32 departments in USA for the various research and development. This educational institute has a very strong focus that leads to the scientific and the technological research. This educational institute was founded in the USA in the year 1861. The university had its major focus on the technology related to the implementation in the industry at the graduate as well as the undergraduate levels. This University was selected to be amongst the one in the Association of the American Universities in the year 1934. They had the researchers that were very much involved to be the pioneers in the technological innovations for the world.

Harvard University

This is one of the oldest universities in the United states. This also happens to be one of the first corporations that are chartered in the country of United States. The influence and the wealth that is incorporated in this university has made it one of the very best universities in the world. This educational institute was formerly affiliated with the church in the beginning. The curriculum and the students of this prestigious educational institute became secular on an increasing basis. This educational institute that is popular in USA and all over the world has an international recognition mainly due to its eleven academic units. They have their campuses that are located throughout the Boston area. The main campus of this educational institute is located in the Harvard Yard in Cambridge. This educational institute has business schools and also the athletics facilities.

In United Kingdom, UK

University of Oxford

This is an educational institute that is located in the Oxford in the UK. This is internationally very much recognized. In fact it is the second oldest university in the world that is surviving. It is also the oldest university that exists in the world of English speaking. This educational institute of the UK started growing rapidly when there was a period from 1167. There are various essay based tutorials that are conducted in the educational institute in UK. This educational institute clearly does not have a prescribed date of the foundation in the UK.

University of Cambridge

This is a public research educational institute that is located in the UK. It is located in the Cambridge in the UK. This educational institute emerged as an association of scholars. When it comes to the pure form of academics, this educational institutes in UK stands amongst being one of the very best in the world. This is a member of the Russell group of research amongst the British Universities. The incidental features of the system were the colleges established by the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Education Business Information

It is already said that "Knowledge is power". If you have knowledge you can create miracles in the field of science and technology or any other field. How you are going to get that knowledge? Its the education which is going to give you that. Plus it will depend on your own ability and dedication. Ability is not in your hand as this is more or less God gifted. Someone is born with powerful mind right from birth while others are not. But ability can be achieved through hard work and dedication towards learing something of your interest. This dedication is making people to do something in the field of education and they will need resources to do that. Like if you want to gain some knowledge or information about any subject you will need to start with reading books or taking help from teachers who are already trained or buying some courses related to your subject. This requirement of education products has given birth to education business where businessmen understand the needs of students or learners and provide materials related to that.

The scope of education business is actually limited. Most common is to run a retail book store where you can sell books based on different subjects. You cannot expect a retail store to make much profit as there is less margin due to competition among stores which are closely located. If the store is located in some remote area and if that is only the store in that area then definately it can make more profit. But still retail business is always not profitable due to limited customers from nearby areas only. Selling books over internet is getting more popular now a days as it seems to be giving great profit. When you sell over internet you can find customers from all over the world. This is the major difference when you sell books in a retail store and over internet. I have noticed that some business people are making great profit by selling indian yoga books over internet. This is due to the reason that India is well known country for Yoga and meditation. So the books related to Yoga and meditation are in great demand from this country.

Another profitable Education Business is to run a school. School owners are also making a big profit. Difficult part to start with a school is to get it government recognized and certified. Unless there is a solid reason or approach, getting licence to run a school is really difficult. If you have the capability to do that and have the required investment no one can stop you making profit from school business, as schools are most important for children and every parent would try to give as much education as possible to their children. Many people also engaged in running coaching centers related to different subjects like science, mathematics, computers, electronics, etc. and thus making their way to earn their living by passing their knowledge and information among others. Running a coaching center also dont require much investment. One can start by giving coaching at home. Only thing needed is that you must have ability to make students learn and understand the subject easily so that they refer you to others.

If you have degree in English language there is good scope to provide custom editing and writing service like essay writing, speech writing, report writing, custom research paper writing, term paper writing and more to students and customers worldwide. Such a business can also be done over internet where there is possibility to find customers from around the world. You can already find many websites over internet providing custom essay writing, proofreading, formating, case studies and more. Just you need to make your website popular over internet at places like forums and blogs to find customers. Internet is so huge and popular that you can even buy essay which are readymade and ready to sell with unique content in them.

There are also lot of products required by students during studies apart from books. These products could be pen, pencil, copies, rubber, scales, labels, chart papers, colors, sharpeners and more. One can start with a retail store to sell all these products but its again a limited scope business. If you can become the manufacturer of any of the products with a unique brand name, your business can boom. But again I would say its common business to manufacture products like pen or pencil as there is very less margin due to competition among different brand names. There are also people selling school uniforms which is also not a profit making business anymore. This is due to the fact that now a days schools themselves providing uniforms and books, so the uniform business have gone completely in their hands.

As said very correctly, books are indeed the best friend of man. The basic back bone of any good qualification and occupation of a person is the right kind of education that they receive. It is one of the most primary and basic necessity of mankind. These days there are many types of courses and subjects that are important from the point of view of a good career in future. Children these days have a lot of options to choose from. With the growing demand in this sector, it has formed a very good business segment for people to step into. It has a very stable growth and a field where a lot of profit can be earned in very short period.

There are many options for people who are stepping into this business. One of the most popular business options is the tuitions for the students. These days due to so much of competition amongst the student, there is a race amongst every student to reach the top and score the maximum marks possible. Just studying from the syllabus study material isn’t sufficient these days. In order to cope up with the growing pressure in the field of education, tuitions are a very big relief. You will need to hire the best, trained and qualified teachers to do the teaching part. You will also need to supply the students with the right kind of books for reference, the charge for which can be included in the fees on the whole.

Another very latest form of this field is the facility of online tutorials. Sometimes the tuition and guidance is very necessary for the students but they are not able to come for the tuitions due to distance or because they are in some different part of the city or even country. There may be unavailability of right kind of teaching in their vicinity. This opens the option of online tutorials. In this business segment you can provide the students with online tutors who will be able to provide the education along with the clearing the doubts and queries that the books are not able to answer. This enables you to reach out to maximum number of students for your business. You have a greater edge in business if you have earned a masters of business administration.

Along with the online tutorials you can also focus upon the study material that the students will be requiring for their subjects. It is very important to have the right matter and the simple style of writing for the students to comprehend the topics well. Due to the introduction of large number of subjects in the education system, it has become difficult for the students to buy all the books. Therefore another business segment is the online books as well as library. This kind of system will allow a large number of people to search for the right kind of study matter they require. You will need to keep all the famous and important books by the authors that are in demand to ensure that the search for the students is fruitful.

Another option for the business of education is the distance learning method of teaching. In this case you will need to get in touch with all the organizations that are involved in providing education of all kinds. The distance learning is useful for those people who do not have the provision of a particular degree course and subject in the city or country they are residing. In such cases you can also keep good study material and books for each course that you are offering and door step delivery to the students who are enrolling for that particular course. In this case you earn for the course as well the course material along with the exam procedure.

You can also focus on the part time courses and the night classes. There are many individuals who are working and yet wish to take up their higher studies such students may be executives, house wives, students, etc. For such people you can approach the big organization with education plans and offers to suit their requirement and time frame. They will not be interested in taking up something full time therefore you should not focus on that. This kind of approach will bring you in the good books of the education market and help you in achieving stability along with dealing with the competition.

Eventually, in this education business you can diversify and grow into a deemed university that takes up the study and degree courses of all kinds. A good team of professors and teachers who are well qualified and experienced in their fields should be chosen. You can also come up with your own publication where you cab publish course books by your own staff and also give chance to the upcoming and talented authors. This will expand the growth of the business team.

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