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A Guide to Starting a Computer Services Business

If you are currently on the lookout for a good business that requires only a little startup capital, then computer services might be the one for you. This is right down your alley if you have computer knowledge especially with regards to the technical aspects of computers. Prospects for this industry is very huge, considering the degree of computerization nowadays in our daily lives. We use computers in almost everything we do, from shopping to doing research work to social networking.

Besides the technical aspects of computer repairs, there are other things you should familiarize yourself with. These are the business aspects of running a computer repair business which includes the whole works, such as registering your business legally, hiring competent personnel, marketing your product or service and the amount of financial resources required. This is the business side as opposed to the technical side of this business.

How to make a good start

Try to get all training manuals related to computer repairs. This will give you a general feel of what is required in this business. Start small, meaning hire only yourself first if possible. This means you will do all the work such as making house calls, buying the necessary spare parts and plugging all those parts inside the CPU or the computer monitor. This requires a good knowledge of electronics and electrical engineering. No need to hire additional people unless you think you can use an assistant to do some errands for you. Keep operating costs to the minimum, maybe utilize an existing space at home such as your garage.

Take care of all the business details

This means obtaining a permit from the local authorities to operate your business legally. You cannot be accused of tax evasion when you are fully licensed to engage in this profession and you will need some official receipts printed somewhere cheaply, maybe a friend who is into publishing. Just a few pads will do for the mean time since you are just starting out and does not need that many receipts.

You can also do the simple bookkeeping tasks yourself, such as keeping a journal of expenses and revenues that came in. Maybe hire an accountant to sign off on the financial statements by year's end for taxation purposes.

Since you are presumed to be technically proficient, then maybe you can design and put up your own website that advertises your computer repair services. This is the most cost effective way to reach a wide audience and is probably better than having it on the yellow pages of the phone directory. Have a few business cards ready when you make house calls. Advertising your services is a good way to announce to the world you are now officially in business.

At this point, a very simple business plan will suffice. Nothing fancy to it. That means you have to prepare a budget which should include your estimated costs and operating expenses versus projected revenues. This is just a guide for you and nothing is set in stone. You can just look at it from time to time to determine how you are doing against your original objectives in going into this business.

Keep a little inventory

It might be a good idea to have some common spare parts handy. Things like motherboards and fuses are frequent replacement parts in the computer repair business. This means you are ready to serve your clients when they call for you and no time is wasted going to a computer store to buy that part. However, there is a downside to this. Computer spare parts become obsolete very quickly and the parts you cannot sell in the first few months might not sell at all down the road. That means wasted capital for you. Investing in spare parts inventory, no matter how modest, involves a financial outlay from you.

Keep customers happy

The best advertisement is a happy customer or client and word-of-mouth advertising is the best ad of all (it is free and also very credible). Ask for referrals from your customers who might know someone who needs the same service from you. A sure way to keep clients coming back is to exceed expectations. Render the most polite and complete service you can ever do and business will boom.

Another Guide By Deepak

Science and technology has entered every aspect of our lives today. There is no segment which is not affected by its presence when it comes to being dependent on the various machines and devices. The electronic age has gifted us a very phenomenon of preventing wastage of time. All the different activities like our daily office work in now done with the help of computers. In fact, technology has moved into the next level of even more technically stronger versions. Excellent work and processing has made it gain even more popularity amongst every corporate organization. Although efficient it is a device and therefore will break down. The computer repair services have made a very strong field for the opportunities in this particular business even more than the supply.

It is not a very difficult task to venture into this new field of business. Any electronic device goes through a lot of wear and tear every now and then therefore it requires some sort of mending. There are many working and non-working computer literates around even then most of them are not very sure of how to deal with this device in such away that breakdowns can be avoided as far as possible. In this field your company will need the right kind of training and skill in order to take you far ahead in this job. Your repair service is a like boon to all those people whose daily important work and documents are saved in this device and something has gone wrong with it.

In your business you will fist need to make sure that you select a team of experts that is highly skilled and talented in this field. The team should be very well versed with the different types of problems and difficulties that can take place in a computer. You need to remember and understand in this kind of service that this product is not like any other device and has many complications involved. It is much more complex and higher technically in its functioning as compared to other devices. Your team of experts should be hired on the basis of their strength in troubleshooting and the ability to locate the precise issue. The repair process can begin once the problem is diagnosed and understood. The authentication is one of the most important steps that you will need to take in this business. The customers always prefer getting their electronic devices repaired in institutes or companies that are authorized. Your company will therefore need a certificate from well established and reputed institute or agency that deals with the process of providing authentication for repair services of the computers. Hence your company will have to get an approval and certification in advance. You will have to handle and deal with all sorts of legal formalities and various document submission procedures before hand very carefully and methodically.

You will first have to understand the entire concept of the functioning and breakdown of the computer well before you wish to venture into this field of business. A very in depth and through research as well as study of the different problems and their most likely solutions, is another very necessary step that needs to be taken. This will help you in analyzing the entire concept and give you a clear picture about the problems and corresponding repair techniques. You will essentially need to get aware of the different types of hard disc types, installations, driver CDs, operating systems, configurations, etc and other products that you may need in advance to be prepared to deal with in this kind of service.

Once you have the through knowledge of all these things then you will reach stage where you can start sending experts to conduct the trouble shooting and for solving the issues arising in the device. You can change the conventional rules and offer the facility to your customers where your repair service expert team is sent to the house or office of the customer where the computer is waiting to be treated. It is not necessary that always the customer has to take the pains to carry their device for getting it repaired. This feature will provide convenience to the customers and at the same time your business will build a good rapport with them for future deals as well.

The computer may suffer from a wide range from very ordinary operating systems issues to complex multiple virus attacks. In the latter case the entire processing unit can be affected. Hence you can bifurcate your technically sound repair service team into two groups. One group should be asked to tackle the regular ordinary issues on the other hand the next group can handle the issues which are more complex. This electronic device needs a lot of additional attention and handling techniques even in its daily functioning to make it run smoothly. Therefore your business will require certain additional measures to be taken while you are dealing with this product.

After establishing yourself in this repair service business you can also add some more services for the customers. You can offer other important accessories that are required on a regular basis by people dealing with this device. You can also offer computer and laptop rental as many people need them on rent. You can also start with a new franchise or your company in other parts of the city or even country. You will be able to fetch more shares in the international market as well if you get yourself associated with a brand name which deals with the production and manufacture of the computers. You will achieve name and go global with ease. The shared profit will be a very fair deal since the other side will be fetching you much more for the company.

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