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Clothing is very important for humans because it protects them from weather. Different clothes are used in different countries and cultures but the basic purpose of clothes is same. In past leaves were used as clothes but with the development of civilization changes occur in clothes. High quality fabric and vast variety of cloths are being used for the dresses of human beings. Various types of dresses are popular in different situations. Some people work in organizations and wear specific dress only to protect them. There is a variety of clothes such as air conditioned clothing, diving suit, armor, space suit, motorcycle leathers and protecting clothes.

The importance of dress is increased when people wear them in parties. They use makeup and jewelry to look beautiful. They use stylish shoes with their dress which form them very attractive and beautiful for others. In past the clothes were not woven at large scales because they were woven with hands. But now there are textile mills which form clothes at large scale. Clothes are sewed in latest fashions which make them beautiful for the users. Tailors are the master of clothing designs and to sew them.

The type of dress varies from culture to culture and from country to country. In some countries pent shirt is the common dress but in others Tehmad, shalwar kameeez, skirts are used. The design, color and style of clothes vary according to the age of the people. The religious impact is also very heavy on the dressing habits of people. They use clothes according to their religious and society because they feel a kind of comfort in such clothing.

The dresses of employees at work places can vary from the dressing of normal life. They can wear uniform according to the rules and regulation of the organization. Similarly specific kinds of clothing are used in sport events. Players feel comfort and ease in such dresses. For example players wear shorts, shirts and tracksuits.

Different types of clothes are worn at different occasions. For example the clothes of individuals at wedding ceremony will be different from that of parties or other events. There is a variety of materials used for clothes. Some important and common material in the use of clothing are cotton, wool, silk, fur, leather, denim and nylon etc. The clothes of different material are worn at different occasions. There are many other material types of which clothes are made.

Different types of laundry, ironing and storage are needed for different clothes. Individuals should be careful in such activities because carelessness can spoil your clothing. Some dresses are cleaned by washing machines and some are cleaned through dry cleaning. Similarly different speed of ironing is needed for different types of clothes. The storing of clothes is also an important activity because some clothes are folded and some are not.

Different clothes have different life cycles because the care and life is different from clothe to clothe. The fashion and style of clothing is changed from time to time. People bring innovation in their shirts, pents, skirts and other dresses to look smart and attractive. The culture, religion and environment of people have strong impact on the clothes of people. People of different regions use different kinds of dresses.

Clothing is necessary for every individual to live in society. Every society has its own habits of style and fashion of clothes. The dresses of men are different in style and design from that of women. Dresses play an important role in the personality of an individual. One should be careful in his selection of clothing because it reflects your culture, taste and moods.

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