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The process of buying goods or products at some price and selling them at higher price to earn profit is often called business. Providing some sort of services and getting paid for it is not a business but its called doing job. But if one business provide services to another business for the benefit of it then it is not a job but its called business to business service(b2b). Like if someone print business cards and supply them to different businesses according to their requirements then it is called business to business services as here one business(doing printing work) is helping another business(doing whatever business, they will need business cards for their company recognition). However, if an individual work, say as an engineer in some company on monthly salary basis then he is not doing business but he is doing a job. Ultimate aim of business is to earn profit(By selling goods at a price higher then the cost price) or earn money by providing services.

When you provide business services it doesnt require much investment and often the investment is only one time. Like if your job is to print business or personal cards according to customer requirement then you need a printing machine which is only one time investment and after that you can make use of it for years to come to print cards. However when you do actual business it may need lot of investment. Like you may decide to manufacture men or women shirts. Manufacuring process often need lot of investment and regular investment. If you produce cotton shirts then you will need to buy cotton cloth, you will need all manufacturing machinery to design shirts fron the cotton cloth. Plus you will need labour(workers) to do the finishing work. You will not electricity to run the machinery. You will need to hire or own a particular place to run your processing unit. All this will need a lot of investment and this will be a regular investment. Like you will need to pay wages to workers every month irrespective of your business being in profit or loss.

You may also need to hire people to find market for your products. Also it may cause advertising expenses. Without advertisement of the product generating sales is very difficult because you need to popularize your business brand. So you need to have complete planning in your mind before you decide to invest in a buisness. According to, how complex the business process is and due to varying in invesmtent, businesses are often divided into three categories, small, medium and large size businesses. Small businesses are mostly run by individuals with little investment of their own. All retail businesses are often considered small businesses where you sell goods or products in small quantity and in retail. It cost them less when they buy in wholesale and sell them at retail price which is often more than 15% higher of the wholesale price. Medium size businesses need collective man power and lot of invesmtment but still the investment is affordable by an individual(properitor) or a group of people(partnership). Wholesale businesses come under this category and usually they supply their products or goods to retailers(small businesses).

Big industries like oil, gas, petrolium, rubber, mining etc come in this category of large businesses where workers or employees are in large number(often more than 250) and the investment is from public. Company issue shares for public to invest in the company and become the part of the yearly profit. Business operation is highly complex in large businesses and so it require integrity and co-ordination of man power and investment in millions to setup the business process and work for its continuous growth. Such industries give real opportunites in the field of employment where the experienced candidates are hired for long term job opportunities. Accordingly educational organizations and institutes can also prepare candidates for specific employee requirement for a particular industry.

Business is an organizational unit which provides goods and services to the customers. There are various types of businesses in the world. These include product manufacturing, service, marketing, advertisement, reselling etc. The purpose of all these businesses is to earn profit and increase the wealth of the owner. Organizations occupy market by providing quality products or services to the consumers for shopping. Business is also called an enterprise or a company. Business management is very important aspect of any business because all the internal and external activities are involved in it. It is a broad term in which legal and social issues, accounting, human resource management, asset and inventory management, service issues, product manufacturing, its marketing, promotion, and distribution are involved.

The company formation or structure can vary according to the nature of business and rules of the Govt. Some businesses are privately owned and owner is the sole authority of the business. There are corporate businesses, state owned businesses having large setups and complex business structures. Many entities are involved in a business such as Govt., owner, public and workers etc.

Corporate events are important activities or events which occur in an organization. They belong to social, legal or some other special kinds of activities. These events play an important role in the development of culture and environment of a company. They are based on the objective and goal of the company.

Human Resources are considered very important in the development and growth of an organization. Every organization can have financial and technological resources but they can vary in human resources. The knowledge, skills, experience and professional attitude of human force can make an organization better or worse from others. In this global age, the issue of human resource management has become important.

Information management and information technology are the important aspects for any organization. In small businesses it becomes easy to manage information but in large organizations it is a complex process. Information security is very important in small as well as in large organizations because the information is the secret of a business. The information of employees, company and the processes should be secure; therefore both the information management and information security are very important things in an organization.

The use of Information technology is very common in organizations. There are many benefits of information technology due to which organizations started to use it extensively. Information technology is used for information management, information security, and record keeping and to smooth the process of business.

The structures and processes of companies have become complex. They have to operate in the presence of Govt. policies and rules. There are many other issues regarding customers and society. Therefore companies acquire legal services from qualified legal experts to avoid such problems.

In these days organizations have to face diversity and demographic issues among the employees. A company can have conflicts of views, race, sex, gender, religion and nationality. So workplace conflict solutions are very important for organizations to manage and increase the productivity. Organizations which control such issues can focus on the standards and innovations of their products and services. Consumers prefer quality products in retail shopping.

Identity management is an important aspect for the organizational security. In this world of information technology latest equipment and techniques are being used for identity management. Communication is very effective and necessary in and out of the organization. Employees can produce better work if they can communicate effectively. Therefore company should provide business communication solutions to the employees and market. Business communication solutions finish the gap between the employees and management and similarly between the market and the management. It is necessary to improve the quality of the work and to have large market share.

Corporate trainings are very important to develop the skills and knowledge of employees. It is an important event of corporate business. There is a separate department which handles all the issues related to corporate training. These trainings are provided at low level or at high level depending on the requirement of the business. Corporate level businesses also provide leadership training to the leaders and managers. In such training latest techniques, methods and trends are taught to them to guide the employees of the organization.

Accounting and financial management are very important for an organization to calculate the input and output ratio. It records all the expenditures and profits to analyze the development trend of the organization. In small businesses, account or finance department can be a simple department but in corporate level organization it is very complex and large department. Corporate level organizations have business analysts and consultants. They help organizations in business consulting processes because they are important for the growth and development of the organization.

Customer relations are very important in this world of competition. Organizations emphasize on customer satisfaction and keep good customer relations with them. They know that customers can easily access competitors in this globe. Business process outsourcing is also used by some companies to fulfill the needs of their customers. Such companies outsource some processes such as manufacturing, packing or marketing etc. to third parties for better service and results.

Organizations can face various types of problems such as the need for efficient planning, consumer demand values, greater productivity, changing technology and international competition. These challenges require more knowledge, experience and skills of the manager. These issues are managed and controlled by paying full attention to them.

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