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A guide to Arts And Crafts business

There are many people who admire arts and crafts and the arts and crafts business is not a new one but actually thousands of years old. Historically people have made clay and mud pots to store water and ornaments to be sold to traders, other artisans, and rich people. Business flourished as artisans would sell their good in exchange for food and money. In this article we speak about modern arts and crafts business and how people who would like to start a similar business can do that. People of all ages can think of starting their own art and crafts business. Today having an arts and crafts business does not mean that you are essentially making the product yourself, there are different business models that you can use to get your business up & running.

In our series of arts and crafts business models we recommend that if you have the knowledge of creating craft and art that people would like to buy then you can start by making the products yourself. You do not necessarily have to invest huge money to start your business; you do your job both part time or full time at home. This way you save immensely on initial project costs. You would need to go raw material shopping visiting all kinds of shops & stores to purchase paint color, simple bows and other things. Once you have completed your shopping you then need to create a product. Say a well decorated gift hamper basket. You can have chocolates, nuts, candies and a couple of fruit sticks and then tie a bow, silk flowers and using an attractive wrapping paper to give it the final finishing touch. Call your friends over and ask them if they would be interested in buy the product.

Getting off the block can be a little tough but once you have your first sales the second wonít take too long. If you happen to attend weekend kitty parties or other social gatherings remember to carry your arts and crafts creations there. Show them to your friends and people you meet, try and make a sales pitch. Slowly but surely if the creation is a nice one then you could be receiving phone calls asking if you like to take up an order for 5 gift baskets. Do not stick to just creating gift baskets, you need to make other products like handmade jewelry, decorative crystal bowls, necklaces, mini purses etc. People and more so women are very fond of shopping for such items, if the price range is between 25 to 50 USD and they feel its attractive piece of art and craft they like to buy it. Through arts and crafts you can also make your own handmade candles and scented candles. Making your own scented candles is quite easy and it can be quite relaxing and rewarding to sit and read from the candle light of your own handmade candles, especially if they are scented. Create your own church candles or pillar candles and pop them in your own candle tins (which can also be handmade).

Since we are speaking about arts and crafts business we must add eco friendly craft items. Today there is a developing market for eco friendly products and art & crafts product that are made from recycled wastes. If you think you would like to tap the eco friendly market then you would like to use material thatís organic or not made using pesticides and unethical practices. Letís take that you are selling an embroidery t-shirt so you would want the dress material to be organic cotton and also the threads to be organic and the same goes to other things you use for creating a t-shirt. Many people are creating eco friendly art & craft products to give a new dimension to their arts and crafts business and people who are conscious about the environment are happy to be shopping for eco friendly products.

Some people happen to be creative minds and they will use things a like a newspaper to make decorative art and craft products. This means you are creating value from an item that is considered as waste. You have plastic beads and an old painting, using old things many of which you can find in your own home and your creative mind you could end up making a fresh new painting by remodeling the old worn out paintng. Believe me people are doing this and their creations sell and sell at good prices. To many people who have a creative drive the business of creating value from waste material means at bare minimum costs they are able to make a piece of art and crafts that can sell for a few hundred dollars. You can use old glass pieces, trim it to a size and use plaster of Paris and create an abstract piece of art. Art and craft shopping goers want articles that defy logic and present a new facet of thought, your creation would be ideal for such shoppers.

Another business model that many people choose for their art and craft business is training or giving art and craft lessons. If you are already an expert in making art and crafts articles then you would understand that many people would like to learn it so that they can create such things themselves or start their own business. The great advantage here is you do not need to have an accreditation approval from a university to run your classes. You can start buy spreading the word about your art and craft classes and also invite people you know for classes. Arts & craft classes or lessons would generally have courses for glass slumping, sewing to beading, pottery, canvas artworks, silversmithing and painting. Make sure you are an expert in what you are teaching kids and adults could have many question regarding what you teach them.

If you happen to be a person with high skills for art and craft making then with some financial investment you can start making your own products and selling them on a large scale. Such a business model can be started with even $10,000. You would need to employ a couple artisans who are experts in their own right and know their art well. You can start by making glassware and silversmith products and selling it to different stores in your region. As the range of your products grows you will need marketing efforts to increase sales and bring orders for your products. You will also have to invest in stocks so when you have an order the client is not kept waiting for 5 days before he/she receives the goods. To sell your products meet up with different clients, buyers, stores, art retailers, suppliers and even end users. You need to let people know that you are in the business of art and craft products.

The internet is another of the viable business models when seeking to start an art and craft business. The internet allows you to create an art and craft website where you can sell all kinds of art and craft products and souvenirs. You do not have to be a person with knowledge of making such things to start an online business but you will do well if you know how to identify, buy and sell such products. If you do not know how to create a website ask someone to do that for you. Add the products to your website and also add the description of the products so that people can understand what the product is. If you cannot have the correct pictures then do not put it for sale because it could confuse the buyer and you could lose the potential buyer. To make online sales you need to have a shopping cart and a payment gateway so that people wanting to do online art and craft shopping on your website can pay for their purchase.

You would imagine that office buildings too want to beautify their offices and they are amongst the potential customers you would like to target. They have people who do art and craft shopping for their company so that the interiors remain fresh and attractive. Shopping for art and craft products also takes place when people are on vacations or traveling to a new destination. People like to do art and craft shopping in different countries because they want to carry back a piece of art that represents the art and culture of that country. So when you are in Malaysia or India people would generally buy a marble replica of the Taj Mahal that is sold buy artisans and art and craft traders outside the World Heritage Monument.

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