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Arts and crafts are the activities which are related to things made by hand. Arts and crafts are divided into further groups such as handicrafts. These require skills, patience and practice. It is a very popular small scale industry which is opened in the form of small schools. People learn different types of skills from those schools and then work with their hands to earn money. These schools require short time period to teach people.

Arts and crafts are very popular in the whole world. People all over the world like and admire it. The products which are produced in this way are carpets, cloths, pottery and wooden objects. Although these products are also produced in the industry at large scale but the hand made products are liked and demanded in the market. This industry has been flourished due to the quality of its work. It was established in the result of social activities among the people of a society.

Young ones are trained by the professionals and skilled craftsmen. It takes some years to train a pupil but once he is trained then he can start his own business. The products manufactured in this small industry require high level of technical knowledge. The artisans pour their skills and energy in their work. They use different kinds of material to form these objects.

There are many types of products belonging to the industry of arts and crafts. Some types of crafts are banner making, canvas work, and calligraphy, cross stitch, curve stitching, knitting, lace making, needlepoint, patchwork, quilting, ribbon embroidery, rug making, sewing, shoemaking, tapestry, weaving and embroidery. Some other types of handicrafts are included metalworking, pottery, woodworking, jewelry, sculpture, chip carving, wood burning and turning.

There are some crafts in which paper is involved. Some of them are altered books, trading cards, book binding, calligraphy, card making and modeling, embossing, marbling, paper craft and rubber stamping. Some crafts in which trees are involved include basket weaving, floral design and other flower crafts. Some people involve in the business of doll making, dollhouse, etching, egg decorating, stained glass and toy making.

In arts and crafts shops, you can buy anything related to this industry. These stores sell everything and conduct workshops for the people and kids to get knowledge about the crafts. Handicrafts provide excitement, creativity and adventure to the young ones. Those who work in this industry have good and attractive projects. The products made in crafts industry are free from any kind of danger. There are no environmental dangers and children can play with them safely.

Artists form various things with simple materials. Arts and crafts stores have a large number of products which not only show the beauty but the variety is also shown. These products of arts and crafts are prepared in skilled manner and they represent the culture of the region. The scope of arts and crafts has been increased to a greater level. These products reflect the civilization and its culture. The artists can represent their skills, creativity and talent in these products.

The arts and crafts of sub continent are very popular in the world. They show the skills and expertise of local people in the international market. These people have shown their talent in every field and they have prepared different products with all kinds of material. Although the speed of manufacturing of such products is slow but they are unique in the market. This industry shows the culture, skills and creativity of a nation in the form of various products. Every country has its own arts and crafts which represent its culture and trends.

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