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Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile is a 2.8kg toy from Fisher Price that comes with two in one features. These features allow the toy to move from the crib to the stroller. This is one of the reasons that make it a unique toy from Fisher Price. Generally, it can provide 3 full minutes of nothing but enticing music and motion. Because music and motion goes together, this toy is ideal for making the baby learn new things and be entertained fully. Another unique characteristic of this product is the three plastic characters that usually have soft details.

Safety of a toy is paramount and any toy manufacturing business must emphasize on this. This wonderful toy from Fisher Price is safe to use as long as the recommended age bracket is observed. For example, the base of the toy can attach easily to the crib because of the vinyl straps. The buttons of the toy are also firm hence they cannot easily come off. The overhead unit of the toy has been built in such a way that it snaps out of the mobile armature. The unit then links to the stroller canopy making the Fisher Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile a strong and durable toy for your baby.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile features a sunshine wind up activation. This feature is easy to use and can play 3 minutes if fun music and motion. The three plastic characters are meant to spin over the baby. Parents should not be afraid of the baby’s safety because the plastic characters are made of soft details. The 3 plastic characters include a lion, a penguin and a hippo.

The base of the Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile has a colorful front side and also features additional 3 friendly characters. The characters include a bird, gorilla and a lion. Indeed, these are amazing features that are not ubiquitous. They make this toy one of the most sophisticated but still simple to use for the baby. If it becomes difficult to master the characters and other features, Fisher-price always provides an instruction manual that will be helpful.

This is an excellent and marvelous toy from Fisher price that can keep your baby company for long hours. It is a mobile toy that is made of pure plastic. Bear in mind that the highest quality plastic material is the one used to make this toy. It is not only durable, but also safe for the use of the baby. A good toy manufacturing business will always focus on easy to clean toys. The Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile is no exception because it is made of good material that is machine washable. The standard height of the toy is 28 cm and the width should be 33cm. The depth of the toy is 9.5 cm with an average weight of 0.985kgs. This is a light weight for a toy that has an array of sophisticate features and advanced improvements.

The toy can go from the cot to the long stroller attaching item. The sunshine activation is a sophisticated feature but it is very easy to use. The wind up mobile toy is all you need to keep your baby asleep in the crib. It soothes that baby giving her comfort and entertainment. For more entertainment, you can opt to move the toy to the stroller. All the animal friends in the toy are able to dance and move matching the sweet music and tunes being produced. The lullaby plays as the animal dances making the baby sleep within a short time. It is a unique toy that is recommended to be used from birth and upwards.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-In-1 Wind Up Mobile is a simple toy but has a lot to offer. There is no doubt that this is a product that displays the quality and durability that form the reputation of Fisher-price business. The animal friends are bright and attractive. Moreover, it is also possible to detach the mobile from its arm and use it separately with a buggy.

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