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The Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle is a good product from Fisher Price Company that has grown exponentially because of the wonderful features. The toy comprises of two figures and two helmets all accompanied with a console. It is a great toy that has all it takes to provide hilarious moments for the little one. The shuttle of the toy is the most exciting part. It comes equipped with lights and sounds that are all meant to attract the attention of the baby. In addition to this, there is also a cockpit that closes and opens.

Fisher-Price promises to be an increasingly prominent business that deals with top notch toys for all sexes. The Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle is a great toy from Fisher-Price that uses activation points to make the baby smile all the time. If these points are turned, it becomes possible to extend the solar panels and consequently open the shuttle doors. In order to lift the shuttle on top of the launch pad, the baby is required to use the lever. On the other hand, the shuttle can also begin to fly if the boom arm is activated.

This is an economical toy that needs only 3 double A batteries. Moreover, it does not consume a lot of energy hence the batteries will last for a longer period. You only have to use the batteries that are recommended by the manufacturer. Lest you forget, this toy usually comes with the batteries included at the time of purchase. It is definitely a significant milestone in the toy business. If you want to know whether you are buying the original Fisher Price Imaginext Space Shuttle, ensure that it has 7 pieces of puzzles. This is also one of the toys that merit much more admiration because of the light weight. It measures only 3kgs. Fisher Price recommends this toy to be used for babies of 3 years and above.

When the toy is complete, it comes with a shuttle, a tower, a console and a moon vehicle. In addition, there are also helmets and figures provided. If any of these items is missing, be aware that you are purchasing an incomplete toy set. On the part of the shuttle, there is a cockpit that can be opened or closed. The lights and sounds are also located in the shuttle. Turning the disk of the toy is simple if the baby wants to extend the solar panels. When another disk is turned, the doors of the shuttle are completely opened giving the bay the full view of the moon vehicle that is stored inside the shuttle. These are some of the features that have put the toy on the frontline as one of the best from Fisher Price.

The boom arm comes in handy if the baby wants to fly the shuttle in the space. The boom arm is also helpful if the baby wants to remove the shuttle and attach it to a tower. Lest you forget, the same arm is equipped with a claw that helps the baby to pick or move the moon vehicle. The stairs of the toy can also be activated by the turning the disk on the tower. If a figure is placed on the elevator, it will be able to move up and down giving the baby maximum entertainment.

This is an amazing toy that you can purchase fro holidays and keep your baby as busy as possible. It minimizes the time for watching uncalled for television programs that may have a negative impact on the baby’s life. The baby can use the toy to act out stories and learn more. Fisher-Price manufactured the rocket of the toy in a way that it does not make a lot of noise. The construction is also simple making it easy for a young child to use the toy and be entertained. Go for this toy and give your baby the best in toys.

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