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The Fisher Price roll along musical pony will probably be the first pony your child gets to ride on. The toy features easy to grip handles and a comfortable seat all aimed to make the ride really enjoyable. The pony also has a soft mane and a swishy tail which adds to the appeal of the pony. The toddler is rewarded my up beat music as the baby rides the pony. Two sound effects are heard every time the toddler presses the pony’s cheeks. Most babies will love rolling around the entire house, moving from one room to another while bobbing to the high energy tunes. The seat of the pony is positioned high up when compared to other walking toys. This allows for the full stretching of the legs as the toddler scoots along on the pony.

The rolling pony encourages the development of motor skills. This occurs when the toddler learns that by pressing the pony’s cheeks, he/she is rewarded by a sound or music. While scooting along on the pony, the toddler learns how to remain balanced on the seat. The toddler learns how to coordinate tasks by learning how to get on and off the Fisher Price pony while holding the handle. It also helps the toddler to develop reasoning skills when she comes across situations where she has to get off the pony because it’s no longer possible to scoot along.

The colors used on the pony go along way in stimulating the toddler’s visual skills and tactile skills. The various textures such as the hard body and soft mane and tail help to develop the toddler’s tactile skills. The toddler is fairly safe while scooting on the pony and can therefore move from one room to the other. She can also play with the pony out in the backyard while under supervision. The movement will help the toddler to get a sense of independence; a vital part of a child’s development. Furthermore, the pony helps to develop the toddler imagination as well as providing her/she with the opportunity to role play. The development of coordination and balance is a very important part of child development. This is where ride-ons like the Fisher Price roll along musical pony and stride to ride dino come in. The action of using the feet to scoot along helps the toddler to strengthen the leg muscles. This is because while scooting, the toddler is actually pushing her own weight along. The freedom of movement also helps to enhance the toddlers desire to explore and experience new situations.

When introducing the roll along musical pony, it will be necessary to initially place the toddler on the pony’s seat. It will also be necessary for you to be nearby for her first experiences with the toy. Do not get exasperated if the toddler starts off by pushing the pony backwards. This is because pushing the toy forward will take a bit more coordination to achieve. She/he will eventually learn to do this. Once the toddler has got the hang of pushing the pony forward, push her along a short route the first few times and then encourage her to move through it on her own.

This might be challenging to the toddler as he/she tries to get a sense of direction so help her by using words that describe direction. This includes words such as ‘go forward’, ‘stop’, ‘go left’ ‘go back’ and so forth. To enable the toddler acquire a true sense of freedom allow her to ride on the pony when you take walks in the neighborhood. This will offer the toddler the chance to develop her sense of direction. To help strengthen this emotion you can practice sending her on make up errands to get objects from other places in the room. Assist her to develop her role playing by incorporating other toys into her play routine. For instance you can have her carry a doll on the pony where doll is in the role of a passenger.

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