What To Offer In Dubai Holiday Travel Packages?

Dubai is referred as a magnificent place to spend holidays by many people around the world. It is a great place for shopping and also has some of the most startling resorts and hotels. It is a unique blend of traditional and modern architecture, food and cultures and offers something interesting for every visitor. The number of tourists and businessmen attracted by Dubai are increasing by leaps and bounds in the recent past and are expected to grow in future as well. Because of the growing demand, competition amongst travel and tour operators has also risen. If you are in the business of arranging travel packages for foreign destinations including Dubai, it will be in your interest to include unique and interesting places in your packages to arouse tourist interest and sell these packages at affordable prices. If you want to know about what can be included in Dubai holiday travel packages, this guide can help you in this regard and give you a clear picture about what to include in the same.

What to offer in Dubai holiday travel packages?

Dubai is famous all over the world for the amazing places and that luxurious touch in everything including accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. It is considered as one of the best destinations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by many people. Below is the list of places and areas of interest that you can include if you are in the business of organizing travel packages for holidays in Dubai:

? A visit to Dubai Creek: Dubai creek is situated in the heart of the city, which offers its visitors a unique experience of sitting in a small water boat and visit the place where trade was carried out in the past. Including the Dubai creek in the holiday travel package for Dubai can help attract more customers for your business of organizing tours and travels.

? A visit to Bastakia district: A visit to Bastakia district can be another added feature to add in the Dubai holiday travel package. This district symbolizes traditional Arabian architecture and can be an interesting place to visit for the architectural enthusiasts.

? A visit to traditional marketplaces: A traditional market place is one which has stalls set up by sellers which the buyers browse before making a buying decision. Such market places are very old. A visit to traditional market places in Dubai is a must visit place in the holiday travel package for Dubai for shopping enthusiasts. It is a place where you can shop till you drop and that is not all, you can bargain and get the best deals for some of the popular Dubai?s items like spices, dry fruits, etc.

? Hotels of choice: There are some interesting and luxurious hotels in Dubai like the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, etc. These hotels offer luxurious stay, incredible spas, astounding entertainment options, incredible food and beverages, etc. You can offer options of stay at these hotels to the customers in the business of organizing tours and travels to Dubai.

? Desert activities: You can also include desert activities like desert safari, camel ride and barbeque dinner at the desert, etc. This can be a startling experience for those who have interest in such activities.

? Visit to horse race tournaments and rugby championships: Including a visit to horse race tournaments and rugby championships in the holiday travel package can also help you attract more customers.

? A ticket to ongoing exhibitions: You can also include the ongoing exhibitions in Dubai in the travel package like trade fairs, spa exhibitions, etc.

? Visit to the beaches: Including a visit to the beaches can be a good option as many people are interested in resting by the beach side and enjoying the nature. Some of these beaches are Jumeirah beach, Palm beach, etc.

? A visit to the famous Mosques: Dubai has some very famous mosques like the Jumeirah mosque, which can be included for visit in the holiday travel package. Offering a discount during the ongoing Dubai shopping festival can also be an added advantage in your business of organizing holiday travel packages. These shopping festivals attract shopping enthusiasts from all over the world. One can also offer discounts according the festivities going on during each season. For example a discount during the jazz festival season can attract jazz lovers, etc. Offering the above places of visit in the travel package can be helpful only and only if the customers believe they are getting value for their money. Convincing the customer is another important job which can be achieved to the fullest not only by providing value for money but also by offering quality services. Dubai is attracting many visitors for leisure and business purpose across all countries. It is famous for its cuisines, architecture, shopping activities, fun safaris, camel ride, spas, etc. Dubai?s connectivity is another advantage that adds to the number of tourists. It is recommended by many people as an ideal location for spending holidays.

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