What To Offer In Singapore Holiday Travel Packages?

Singapore, the lion city is attracting good number of tourists from all over the world because of the scenic beauty and abundance of places of interest for the tourists. Cultural celebrations, shopping places and fun activities round the year are an important attraction for visitors across various countries. Singapore is one of the most preferred locations for spending holidays by many people because of the cheerful and welcoming atmosphere all around. People travelling to international locations including Singapore to spend their holidays often utilize the services of a travel agent. If you are in the business of tours and travels, and you are not sure about what to include in Singapore holiday travel packages, you have reached the right place. Just read this guide and you will have an answer to all your questions relating to this.

What can be included in Singapore holiday travel package?

Singapore is a city of great architecture, lovely cuisines, scenic beauty and rich blend of culture. It offers the tourists a wide option for enjoying their holidays and caters to the different requirements of different visitors with respect to the overall travelling experience, places of interest, culture, etc. A holiday in Singapore lets the tourist enjoy themselves to the fullest. It has an ostentatious atmosphere and a lovely nightlife for those who wish to enjoy to the fullest. If you want to attract more and more people to ask for your services in the business of arranging tours and travels for Singapore, it will be in your interest to offer lucrative holiday travel packages to the customers at affordable prices. It is difficult to meet the increasing demand of the potential clients but with customized services and quality assurance, the battle can be won.

Below is a list of places of interest and other things that you can include in Singapore holiday travel packages:

? Visit to Chinatown: In the business of arranging tour and travel packages, you can include a visit to Chinatown in the Singapore holiday travel package. Chinatown is a brightly coloured fusion of streets and is a great place to bargain and shop for various utilities, Chinese clothes, attractive jewellery, handicraft, handpicked tea, etc. This place is a blend of traditional Chinese culture and modern architecture. Tourists are often interested in visiting places which offer an affordable shopping opportunity to them. Adding this place in the travel package will be beneficial in attracting these tourists for your business.

? Visit to little India: Little India is a place dominated by Indian culture. It is characterized by aroma of Indian spices, silk sarees, temples of Indian gods, fortune tellers, etc. This place attracts a large number of tourists during Indian festivals like the festival of lights, the festival of colours, etc. This place offers a good shopping experience as well. A visit to little India is another attraction that can be included in the Singapore holiday travel package.

? Raffles hotel: The raffles hotel offers almost all the exquisite variety of cuisines, beverages, hard drinks and fun and entertainment options. A must include place in the holiday package for Singapore. It is one of the most sought after places by the tourists visiting Singapore.

? Singapore zoo and night safari: The zoo and night safari is another attraction that can be included in the holiday travel package. Wild life enthusiasts are often interested in going on a night safari and visiting the animals in the zoo. Including this option in the package can be beneficial in attracting more and more tourists for your business. The night safari is a thrilling experience for those who wish to see some wild animals.

? Visit to Singapore Museum: The Singapore museum explains a step by step story of the Asian culture. Exhibitions are also held during specific periods in the museum. Including this in the holiday package for Singapore can be an added advantage.

? A ticket to the Singapore arts festival: You can also include a ticket to the Singapore art festival in your holiday travel package offer to the potential customers. Many tourists are attracted by this offer as the festival is really an astonishing site to visit. Various festivals take place at different times like the moon cake festival, thimithi festival, lunar year festival, etc.

Other things that you can offer in the Singapore holiday travel package is a discount during ongoing sale season in Singapore, quality service in travel and hotel bookings, etc. Singapore is a great destination and is attracting huge number of tourists across various countries because of the warmth, blend of cultures, amazing shopping experience, festivities, art galleries, museums, etc. The country is connected widely by road, air and rail transport and is easily accessible by tourists across various countries.

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