Travel Packages To Offer For Holidays In Australia

Australia is a one of the favorite destinations for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. A large part of Australia is desert and steppe land, but in the southeast to the mountains of the Great Dividing Range, there are fertile regions. As the continent is located largely in the area of the subtropical high pressure belt, it makes southern summer very hot. Nevertheless, a variety of animal and plant species are found in this country. Australia travel package is provided by most of the tour operator business.

There are many tourist attractions in Australia which make it as a perfect holiday destination. In addition to the luxury holiday in a five star hotel, there are also plenty of inexpensive hotels or other accommodations to realize a holiday in Australia.

Your tour business can offer the following holiday destinations in your travel holiday package to your esteemed tourists:

Fauna, flora & National Parks:

Australia's National Parks and wildlife reserves offer an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Australia also offers an internship in a reserve, if you have the necessary qualifications. Zoology, ecology, botany, geology are the various subjects one can study with the comprehensive study programs in Australia. Kakadu National Park is one of the main attractions of the Northern Territories. It is about 20,000 km and regarded as one of the largest National Park in Australia. It includes floodplains, forests and plains. In 1984 it was added as World Heritage Site list by UNESCO. Kakadu National Park has its breathtaking natural beauty. It not just the diverse fauna and water but also the world's most beautiful and oldest cave paintings. Tea, screws, and mangrove trees are found in Kakadu National Park along with wallabies, kangaroos, 117 species of reptiles and crocodiles can also be seen there.

Uluru and the Red Centre

Central Australia, where there is the Uluru, is a land of contrasts. There you will find the pioneering Alice Springs, rocks and ravines, the one amaze, ancient landscapes, sparkling rivers and ancient Aboriginal sites.

Great Barrier Reef

It is in the northeast of Australia on the east coast of Queensland in the South Pacific. It is the largest and most beautiful coral reef in the world. Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of nature and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981. It has about a length of 2,300 kilometers. Its origin dates back several million years. Its area corresponds to the whole of Great Britain and Ireland, and it includes over 1000 islands, rainforest paradises from small sandbanks. An incredible variety of flora and fauna awaits all people here. The reef offers a wide variety of marine life habitat. In addition to numerous sponge and fish species, a variety of canvas and turtles have also found their home as echinoderms. Many types of seaweed and over 215 bird species can also be seen here. Even the endangered manatee lives in the barrier reef. Antarctic whale uses the reef to give birth to its young ones.

Today you can visit the legendary barrier reef, either with one of the numerous boats, a helicopter or small plane. A special experience is to observe the subterranean flora and fauna through the glass floor of a specific boat or in a semi-submarine.

Sydney, New South Wales

These two places should be definitely on the list of Australia's heritage, you should definitely visit on your travel tour. Here one can expect many world famous attractions that are worth to be viewed. NSW is in the middle of the Australian Capital Territory with the Australian capital Canberra. At least a couple of days should be spent on a trip to Sydney. Of particular interest is the Opera House, stunning views of the Harbour Bridge at night, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the legendary Bondi Beach. Even the famous red light district Kings Cross may perhaps be a different attraction for some visitors.

Sydney Opera House

The distinctive building is regarded as Sydney's landmark. In 2007 it was honored by the UNESCO as world heritage. Opera House is 183 meters long and 118 feet wide. It covers an area of approximately 1.8 hectares. Its roof rises 67 meters high and is also covered with white over a million shimmering, glazed ceramic tiles which were specially imported from Sweden. The opera itself has a total of 5532 seats, five halls for opera, symphony concerts, chamber and theater, and numerous other rooms, cinema, restaurants etc.

Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles is one of the most beautiful Australian attractions. It is - contrary to the name - at nine in the sea standing rock formations can be seen between the towns of Prince town and Port Campbell at Port Campbell National Park. Over millions of years, the imposing columns were formed of soft rock by wind, weather and waves. The rock towers are of different heights and have different diameters. Due to the natural erosion process, the duration of survival of the peaks is a matter of time. They glow at sunrise and sunset in the surf and are thus one of the most photographed motifs in Australia.

Your travel business can offer various other places such as Ayers Rock, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc.

Australia is a continent like no other. Australia has been a very popular travel destination and it is especially visited by many young people. It is a country with different climates and different plants and animals. It is not possible to call for all the main attractions for a holiday in Australia. It depends upon the time you have for spending holidays and choice for a particular destination.

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