What To Include In Malaysia Holiday Travel Packages?

Malaysia is among the most unique holiday destinations in the world. Its 23.2 million inhabitants live mostly on the Malay Peninsula and partly on the Island of Borneo, separated by South China Sea. The capital, Kuala Lumpur welcomes its visitors in its Multimedia Super Corridor with the latest technology, luxury hotels, giant shopping malls and an express train. In Malaysia you will also find brightly colored, oriental-style markets, lively bustle of the streets and multi-cultural residents. It is surrounded by tropical rain forests and beautiful coastlines. Malaysia is one of the richest ecosystems in the world. You will see this country is worth a travel package! Each and every place in Malaysia is extremely beautiful and always full of visitors. One can earn a lot in travel and tour business in this country.

There are many beautiful and marvelous holiday destinations in this country. Mostly all the tour operator business provides holiday package for Malaysia. If your business is offering a holiday package to Malaysia then it should include all the major tourist destinations.

Familiar sights from Malaysia:

1. Cameron Highlands

At Cameron Highlands tourist can find green tea plantations at high altitudes. It is the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. Cool, shady and green destination in the mountains of Cameron Highlands, reached after four hours bus ride from Kuala Lumpur. It shows a wonderful change of temperature from the heat of Malaysia. Here, at an altitude 1500-1800 meters, the country is fertile and is used for the cultivation of tea.

2. Georgetown, Penang

It is a colorful Chinese enclave. It is considered as the city of Malaysia with the largest Chinese flair. In the original streets and markets around the Jalan Pegnang road you feel moved to some places and bubbling hot food stalls.

3. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are wonderful, very sensitive with social behavior, from which we humans could learn a lot. The Centre in Lanchang dedicated to the protection of endangered Asian elephants.

4. Petronas Twin Towers

Twin Towers are Kuala Lumpur's landmark. With its 452 meters height by October 2003 they were the tallest building in the world. They are quite popular tourist spot and a symbol of powerin the world economy.

5. Sipadan

Outside the Sipadan Island you will find a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Steep coral reefs and a closed cavity offer much to see such as wildlife and under water ecosystem. Lots of turtles, multicolored fishes and reef sharks can be seen near the area.

6. Sri Mahamariamman Temple

It is an Indian temple in Chinatown; the oldest and richest Hindu temple. It was founded in 1873 Mariamman is worshipped in this temple.

7. Taiping Lake Gardens

It is an English Landscape and Malay jungle. They used to belong to single colonial officials. Today they are a favorite holiday destination for locals and tourists alike. In 1882 the gardens were built around an artificial lake. There are ancient trees, walking trails, rolling hills and small bridges.

Apart from these places, your holiday travel package can also include the following tourist?s spots:

On safari in the jungle: The package offered by your tour operator business should definitely include wildlife safari. Malaysia's jungles and national parks invite tourist to go for long walks, and one can also have a wide selection from alpine walks in the central mountains of multi-day trekking tours to real climbing tours. If tourist is an avid mountain climber, you should include 4101 m high Mount Kinabalu National Park in your holiday travel package. Malaysia has lot to offer for water sports enthusiasts. In particular, the states of Sabah and Sarawak and the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, will delight tourist with their dive sites. In the clear waters of the South China Sea one can meet a wide variety of marine life.

The legendary Malaysian caves:

You can find the numerous limestone caves on the Malaysian Island. They change constantly with the weather conditions. Examining these caves is a very special experience and always a new adventure. One can enjoy a lot in this expedition. If you need to make a choice, which National Parks you want to visit, then you should select Gunung National Park. It impresses with its limestone massifs, which are crossed by a whole network of caves. Another highlight on your package could be the Turtle Islands, which serve as breeding grounds of the majestic sea turtles. With the help of the friendly park rangers, you can witness, how the giant sea creatures put their eggs in the sand at night. The capital Kuala Lumpur offers the opportunity to get up into the lofty heights of the Petronas Twin Towers. In the 41st Floor of this double building, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view over the city.

Malaysia welcomes you with many suggestions for an exciting and relaxing holiday. Discover the stunning originality of Malaysia, waterfalls, limestone caves and dense jungle forests with unique wildlife.

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