How to get or Apply for Business or Trade License in India, Delhi?

First why we need business license? Suppose you don?t have your vehicle license and you get caught by traffic police. What will they do? They will either fine you and if don?t have fine to pay they will take you to the court and you could be jailed. Why jailed? This is because you need to obey govt. rules imposed on every vehicle driver in India for the driving license to be compulsory. Unless you follow govt. rules you will be sued and taken to the court. Similarly, you need a business license to start any type of new business in Delhi or any other city of India. Government agencies can fine or close a business operating without the required business licenses.

Now the question is where or how to get your business license? Getting your license will depend on the type of business you are involved in and location of your business. Who issue these licenses? Usually your local municipality issues a business license if your business is confined to that local area only. Here we will discuss about getting the license for sole proprietorship businesses only. What does sole proprietorship mean? It means you are the only owner of your business and no other partner involved in it and all investments, profit and loss is yours. If you are not a sole proprietorship business you may require additional state and federal level licenses and permits and also need to register your business (company). There is a difference between getting a business license and registering a business.

Here we will discuss to get license for sole proprietorship only as this is most common type of business nature. It?s actually quite simple and you can apply online for a business license on local municipality website. But before applying you need to make sure whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, factory owner (manufacturer) or some commercial establishment.

I will tell here how to apply online for the license in East Delhi. You have to visit the respective websites of local municipalities in other cites of India if you want to apply for a business license in other cities of India.

If you are a factory owner and manufacture some kind of goods and products (excluding food and medicine) you need to apply for the license using this below link of MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi).

If you manufacture some kind of food products or medicine or store them you need to apply here.

All health, entertainment and food related service providers like eating and lodging establishments including hotels, restaurants, recreational, travel agents etc should also apply here.

All general wholesale traders and retail shops should apply for the license here.

For all veterinary (meat, mutton, chicken fish, etc) license new registration you should visit this below link.

You will need to upload all necessary documents while filling the form to apply for the license online. Make sure you are ready with them. Also you need to complete payment using your credit or debit card as there is fee involved to apply for the license.

If you are in North or South Delhi you need to first visit this below link and click ?online services? in the incoming page.

If you don?t want to apply online, visit the nearest Citizen Service Bureaus (CSB) in your delhi zone and directly apply there. Delhi is divided into 13 zones. All the colonies in Delhi come under any of the 13 zones. To know which zone your colony falls in first choose whether you are in North Delhi, South Delhi or East Delhi. For example, if you are in North Delhi there are 7 zones and your colony will be under any of 7 zones. Visit below link for 7 zones in North Delhi and than you can also find a link there for all the colonies under that 7 zones.

Services provided by CSB are listed on this page

Other Cities of India

If you are in Mumbai you need to visit Municipal Corporation of Great Mumbai (MCGM) to apply for the license.

If you are in Kolkatta you need to visit this below link to apply for business license.

For Chennai go to this link

Hope that helps.

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