Top Providers Of Travel Insurance From UK

Here we will discuss about the top providers of travel insurance from the country of United Kingdom

Essential Travel Insurance

This is one of the leading insurance providers in the UK that are related to the travel sector. They make the provision of the peace of mind to the hundreds of thousands of the people who plan their holidays in each financial year in the UK. They provide the travel insurance to the UK people such that their requirements are very well tailored in order to suit the holiday requirements of the people in the UK. They have their travel insurance such that the single trip travel insurance starts from just 6.94 Euro per week. They also save the schemes in the Annual Insurance from just 32.99 Euro. They make the provision of the travel insurance regularly and the require the multiple trip on the annual basis. This is done for once in a while. They cover all the single trips in the UK. They make the provision of the continual cover for up to more than over 12 months. This is based on whether the insurance is for long term or it is for the short duration like that of the backpacker travel insurance.

They have the tailored policies for the same. In case there are the fanatics of the sports, then there is specialized cover for almost every sports related activities that are availed in the UK. This includes the scuba diving to the skiing to mountaineering and also some of the other activities like the trekking. They provide their services in the 24 hour emergency assistance. You can have the option to book the travel insurance in person or rather you can also make the booking yourself by accessing the website of this company in UK. They make the provision of the travel insurance that is safe, secure as well as quick to use. They also cover the conditions that make you cover the pre existing medical conditions. They allow up to 45 days in a year for the trip to be covered under their insurance policies. You can book with confidence. They have the various policies of theirs that are underwritten by the White Horse Insurance Ireland Ltd. They give an assurance that they shall protect you and your family members in the UK so that you are all geared up for the perfect holiday experience of your lifetime.

J S Insurance UK

This insurance company in the UK is a part of the Jade Stanley Group. This was launched in the year 1999 in the month of September. They introduced this whole new concept of theirs in order to provide their customers with the instant travel insurance by making a maximization of the use of the Internet related services and the associated technology. They have never lost the personal touch while doing the same. They have been in the issuing of the policies to over more than 500000 customers and still they have continued and grown in their business in order to offer the first class service to the customers of theirs. They have an aim in order to make a provision of the cover of the insurance that is instant. And at the very same time, they would not like in order that they have lost the personal touch in their business. The policies that they have are underwritten by the Fortis Insurance Limited and the various other companies like the AmTrust International Underwriters Ltd and Groupama Insurance Company Ltd. They are authorized and also regulated by the Financial Services Authority. They are also registered with Data Protection Act of 1996. They follow all the rules and regulations that entail them. They have a registered number of Z5486768.

Primary Insurance UK

This is one of the most leading providers of the travel related insurance in the UK. They take pride in the low prices that they are able to offer for their travel insurance policies in the UK. They have a very wide choice in terms of selecting their insurance policies. They also offer a very friendly and professional services. They have a very decent set of experience and expertise. They have insured over 500000 holiday makers and also they are all arranged by the TPS Limited. They came into the establishment in the year 1989. They have caused the provision of the insurance policies to the millions of customers on the travel options for travel. They make it possible for the buying of travel insurance on an easy as well as efficient manner. You can easily make available the quotes for you so that you can judge for yourself of the prices that go into the travel insurance related policies of theirs. They have a UK based call center in order to make available their customers services and sales agencies in travel insurance. They are open 7 days a week.

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