Top Providers Of Life Insurance From United States

Here we will discuss about the top providers of life insurance from the country of United States Of America

Metlife USA This company which makes the provision of the insurance in the USA is one of the companies that is famous not only in USA, but on a global scale. They make a provision of the insurance in general, annuities, as well as some of the benefit programs that are to be provided to the employers in USA. They have a customer base of more than over 90 million people in USA and worldwide combined both. They have their presence of the corporate governance in more than over 60 countries of the world. They enable the customers in order to understand the instruction that guide a particular insurance policy as well as make an impact on the costs that are involved in the life care in general. They have a number of the subsidiaries as well as the affiliates. Through the same, they make their presence felt and are operative in the leading market positions all over the world, in whichever continent and country that they are present.

They have their presence in the leading countries of the world that have people who have the requirement of the life insurance. This includes the countries like United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Europe etc. Metlife also happens to make a representation of the leading financial services company. It has a largest form of the multicultural financial services in terms of the insurance professionals all over the USA. The net assets of this company are worth more than over US $ 386.8 billion. These are only the assets that are under the management. This company has more than 2.5 trillion of the force in life insurance. This company can be termed as the largest life insurer in the nation of the USA. It serves more than 13 million households and individuals all over the USA. It also happens to cater the 88 of the 100 SM Fortune companies.

Guardian Life

The year of establishment of this company was 1860. This was established in the New York City. This company was called as the Germania Life Insurance company when it was in the initial years of its establishment in the USA. The company began its expansions by opening agencies in the various parts of the nation of USA in its very native stages when it was considering the opening of the multiple agencies across the USA. They always have a plan according to the needs of their customers. They create an understanding and help create improvement in the health of the communities in which they are present. The policy owners of the states of Colorado, Dakota, New Mexico, etc. were also served by this life insurance company of the USA. They are the first life insurance company of the nation of USA which was able to have the establishment of the overseas agency in the continent of Europe. This began in the year 1868. In the year 1917, the name of the company was changed and it was renamed as the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. They evolved their line of business from being mixed stocked and mutual company and now they are fully operative as the mutual company. This major takeover took place in the year 1925. They do not have the private owners or the stock holders in USA. The people who are into the decision of the key in the policy making are the ones who have taken charge of the ownership of the company. The profits of this company are distributed to them from the point of view of the dividends and the policies.

The Hartford Financial Services Group

The Hartford Financial services group is one of the leading providers of the life insurance in the country of United States. This company was founded as a financial services group in the year 1810. This company providing the life insurance services to the USA customers is listed in the New York Stock Exchange. This is one of the highest insurance as well as the companies that are involved in the investment. They have offices located in the different parts of the world. This includes the USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Ireland as well as in Brazil. They are regarded as a leading provider of the life insurance. They make the provision of the group as well as the employee benefits. They make the provision of the insurance for the automobile as well as the homeowners. They have developed the investment products, annuities, mutual funds as well as the schemes for the savings accounts. They cater the requirements of the millions of customers on a worldwide basis which also includes the individuals, businesses, institutions, etc. They make use of the independent agencies and brokerage houses for catering their businesses.

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