What To Offer In Family Holiday Travel Packages

Every person is looking for the perfect family holiday. A family holiday is great way for parents and kids to spend some quality time with each other. There are number of competitors out there who claim to provide a memorable family vacation to its customers. However you should make a distinction between you and others in such a manner that people prefer your travel business over other. Travel business is one of the most booming businesses nowadays. However there is a cutthroat competition in this industry. For every travel business to survive out there, it should become the primary choice of the customers.

Family holiday travel packages are the most popular of all others. Budget is the most important factor while offering a family holiday travel package. While planning out a package you should keep in mind your target market. Not everyone can afford first class travel or stay at five star hotels. So plan out the packages according to category of people you want to target. Your success rate will be much higher if you present the right packages to right people. A travel business should offer the following things in its package so that it becomes the preferred choice of customers:


For a family package the most important thing is the destination. Make sure the destination for which you are providing family packages, has something for each and every member of the family. Most popular family holiday destinations are Disney Land located in California, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Munich, etc.

Plane Tickets:

Any travel package you offer should always include plane tickets, a family holiday package is no different. There are many airlines out there offering their services. Negotiate the deals with various airlines and cut the best deal so that it adds to the profit of your business. After all the main motive of every business, is to make profits. You should provide the tickets according to the budget of the customer. For people with budget constraint offer them economy class tickets.


The second most important thing to include in the family holiday package is the hotel accommodation. Make sure the accommodation you are offering in the package suit the requirement of your customer. The hotel accommodation you provide in the package should be economical as well comfortable for the family, so that you maximize your profits without damaging the reputation of your traveling business. You can finalize an annual deal with any hotel so that they provide an accommodation to your customer at a cheaper rent. In addition to this you should make sure that the hotel you choose should provide quality services to your clients.


If the packages you are offering also include food, then it is more beneficial for your business as your clients will be bound to take food at the hotels you have chosen. You can make more profit out of this and ask for more discounts from the hotels as it provides them more business. But make sure that the food provided by the hotels is according to the taste of your clients. You can offer packages with one, two, three time food facility depending on the requirement of your client. It also makes your packages more flexible according to the needs of clients.


Offer the type of transportation which suits the price of the package. You can differentiate package prices depending upon the transportation. For example if you are providing your clients with a car on rent then you can charge more from them on the other hand if you provide them transportation on a pooled bus by various travel agents then it provides a more economical medium.

Hotel conveniences:

Your family holiday package should also provide you with exclusive hotel amenities like massage, spa, bar, breakfast in bed, etc. Hotel would be able to arrange special and exclusive activities for you outside its premises. It depends upon your choice of amenities you would like to go with. You can ask for these facilities when you are opting for a holiday package.

Local tour Guides:

If the family traveling package offered by your business is sending group tours then you can include a local tour guide in the package to plan out the trip and guide your clients to the various tourist attractions. People who are traveling for the first time mostly prefer guided tours than independent tours. Pooling with different travel operators to hire a local guide can be more profitable for your business.

Besides these things you can include various other promotional offers such as offering discount on packages for a limited period, or providing free food with a particular package. The whole idea behind a family vacation is to have fun, relax and spend time with family. By offering these services you provide your clients with peace of mind without making them to worry about planning each step of their family holiday vacation.

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