Top UK Companies Providing Health Insurance

Here we will discuss about the top health insurance companies in United Kingdom

Aviva Insurance UK

It is the one of leading providers in UK for the health insurance and life cover. They also provide the products towards the pension of the various customers in the Europe and the other parts of the world including Asia, USA etc. They have been able to gain some of the leading and substantial positions in the markets of the world due to their products and services in Europe. They are proud in order to announce that they have been acclaimed as the sixth largest providers in the world for the insurance needs of the people in the UK. The statistics are revealed based upon the gross worldwide premiums as of the last day of the month of December every year. They have the products and services in the insurance of the health, car insurance, policies for the long term deposits on savings schemes, management of the funds, and also the general insurance. They have been able to achieve the worldwide sales of 45.1 million Euro. They have an operating income of 380 billion Euro of funds under the management.

They have been able to generate employment across some of the leading countries in the world. They have 46000 employees all over and they cater more than over 53 million base of the customers for their various financial needs in the insurance towards the health. They are operative in around 28 countries of the world. The customers have a trust in the health insurance needs under the brand name of Aviva. The customers make an investment towards their own future, get guard against the unexpected circumstances of the situations of the health. They also have the option in order to buy the policies which can let them make a protection of the things that are valuable to them with this insurance provider of the UK.

Pru Health UK

This health insurance provider of the UK has a simple philosophy in order that the customers of this company want to lead a health life, then they need to take good care of themselves. They are given to choose from a range of policies from which they can benefit. Hence they have come up with some of the insurance policies in the UK that are very much fair for their customers in order to make a selection from. They provide the quality in their different levels of cover. They make policies which compulsorily make the customers of theirs in order to maintain and lead a very health life for themselves. They are very unique health insurance providers in the UK who have the policies of this kind. They have the vitality program running in the UK which makes them so much unique. This program makes the insurance towards the health of the people in the UK as different. They encourage the individuals in the UK to lead the healthy life so that they can make themselves get used to walking, cycling, gym, eating healthy, and not resorting to activities like smoking and drinking. They have a business well established in the markets of the UK which enables them in order to grow with the each passing day. They have been able to witness dramatic growth since their establishment in the UK in the year 2004.

Bupa Health Insurance

This company was established more than 60 years ago in the UK. This has led it to be able to take time in the UK to develop the strategies in the marketing and sales of the health insurance in the UK. This is now expanded to becoming the international health care company in the UK with its customers present in more than over 200 countries. The history of this company in the insurance business in the UK is a very wide spread one and they have been growing since their foundation, spreading their business, contacts, trust and reach to more and more customers with each passing day. They established themselves with not more than 38000 customers in their initial year of the business in the UK. They have always enabled the people in order to make a choice as to where, when and what treatment they need from the certain conditions. They have been inculcating trust in the members of theirs in UK for more than over half of the century. They make a provision of some of the health programs in the UK so that they can better off their services. They have overcome the threat from the government of the UK in order to remove the private practice of theirs. Still this business in the health insurance has been so strong. They made an attempt in the year 1972 in order to make the life of the children comfortable by giving them the best start in life. Hence they developed the Teddies childcare nursery.

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