Top Indian Companies Providing Health Insurance

Here we will discuss about the top health insurance companies in India

ICICI Lombard

This is a joint venture that has been established between the two financial giants in the industry related to the finance. They companies being the ICICI bank limited as well as the Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited in Canada. This business in India is established on a profit sharing ratio basis of 74:26 per cent. ICICI is the second largest bank in India. They have a consolidated total assets of over more than 100 billion. They are engaged in the various policies that are related to the general insurance, re insurance, health insurance, management of the claims as well as the management that is done for the investment purposes of the individuals as well as the companies. They form the largest private sector company in India that deals with the insurance in general.

They have been able to collect a Gross Written Premium of more than over Rupees 36948 million. They have issued a number of policies in the last financial year which have been amounted to over more than 62 lakh claims alone. They have a disposal ratio of their claims being 96 per cent. They have around 4700 employees working for the business of theirs. They have 350 branches that are present in all over India. They have been assigned a rating of AAA by the ICRA in India which makes their business quite a reputed one in the country of India. They have been acknowledged for their highest claim paying ability. They hold a position that has been fundamentally strong. They have been best health insurance provider in India for the fourth consecutive year. They have also been awarded the Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award in the year 2009.

Star Health Insurance

They have a vision in the health insurance sector in India in order to protect as well as make a promotion of leading a healthy life. They have a mission of guaranteeing an ultimate satisfaction for the customers of theirs. They have the trust and the ethics in India with respect to business. They have developed their image in India as to being honest as well as integrity. They have a strong customer focus in their company when it comes to the health insurance policies. They have been able to display some reliability which is regarded as the key focus to their success. They have the strong teamwork in order to lead by the stewards. They are backed up by the best of the people as well as the policies that govern the health insurance companies. They have the required amount of expertise such that they can deliver the high amounts of the standards in order to make the provision of the best in terms of the health care plans in India. They have a very conducive work environment. They are successfully able to make a creation of the environment in India that is successfully able to spark some innovations that can guide and revolutionize the insurance industry. They a re committed in order to become the star in the health as well as the related insurance like travel and accident. They want to create an utmost flexibility in order to create a plan that is the best suited ones for them.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

They are the company who have been operative in the Indian subcontinent as the chain of Apollo Hospitals. They have been closely associated with the quality in the health care sector in India. They have learnt their policy making decisions from the very best of the health care providers in the various parts of the world. They have been given the best of the grades when it comes to being accredited by the best of the accredited bodies in the world for the health insurance plans. They are committed in order to bring about a revolution in the health care sector in India through their health insurance policies. They make policies which compulsorily make the customers of theirs in order to maintain and lead a very health life for themselves. They are very unique health insurance providers in the country of India who have the policies of this kind.

They want to develop the health insurance policies that is able to suit each and every insurance holder individual in India. They have been able to develop the insurance company offering the related policies by joining hands with the Munich Health. They are given to choose from a range of policies from which they can benefit. They are recognized all over India as well as some parts of the world. They have created this joint venture in order to be able to partner the Indian individuals as well as the captivity of the market of the health insurance in India. They are on the brink of growth that can be regarded as being the quite explosive ones.

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