How To Start Toys Business In UK?


It is generally seen that the businesses which are related to the field of children and the toys for them are profitable in nature. This is seen due to the fact that the businesses like these are such that the demand is growing for them year after year owing to more and more number of children being born every year. It is a great way to establish your own business so that you become independent as well as be able to earn a livelihood which is decent as well as the one which fetches you with a regular income. You have to be your own boss in the business of selling the toys in the markets of the UK. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various things that you need to do in order to start your own business related to the toys in the United Kingdom.


There is a requirement in the UK that you need to register your business. You can contact your local municipality office in order to obtain the information the various levels of registrations that you need to make with the government of the UK. There are various entities under which you need to register your business in the UK. Also, there are various levels of government as well as the various departments under which you need to register your business. Your business should be registered with federal as well as the state government.

Manufacturer/ distributor

This is because you are not making the products in the toys on your own. Hence you need to manufacturer to look out for. Some brands are available only with the manufacturers of the toys. Whereas there are some other supplies that are related to toy products which are available from the distributors. You need to seek out for the manufacturer or the distributor who can sell the toys in the various range of ages, needs, categories as well as prices to you. There are various contracts with the distributors as well as the makers that are involved in business of the toy products.

Initial funding

The money that you will need to invest in starting a business of the toys will depend also upon they type of toys for children of various needs and age ranges that you need to sell. You need to obtain funding from a relevant source in order to start your business. It is seen that the start up capital for the business of the toys are quite expensive. This is because a lot of research is going in the designing of the toys field to suit the requirements of the children of this generation and they come up with the latest technology for the toys now and then. Just to give an example, it can be evidently seen that the amount of money that is required by you to invest in the toys' business in the UK will be much more if you are conducting a business in the motorized toys with the electronic gadgets that are employed in them rather than just the mechanical ones.


There should be some people to assist you in the day to day activities of your business even if it is a fact that you had made an initial investment as well as you were alone when you had set up your business in the UK that is involved in the making of the toys. You need some employees at hand when it comes to doing of various works that is involved. You need to make a careful selection process in order to hire the staff in the UK because it is quite expensive in order to make payment to them in UK currency Pound Sterling. Most of the toy related businesses are open in the UK such that they are during the regular hours of working for a business.

Advertising your business

There are various methods that can be employed in the UK to appeal your business via advertising methods like the newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV ads etc. You should be able to consider who the target populations of your business are. Marketing is a key aspect of your business. It is necessary to make people know the existence of your business. This is in order that the people can consider your business for getting the supplies that are related to the various products in the toys. Also you can sell various types of toys such as baby toys, dolls, wooden toys, educational toys etc This will help you in creating a customer base for your business.

Shop to sell

You need to plan the inventory that you need to keep in stock in your shop. The kind of product you sell will determine the size of the shop that you need to set up. You need to house your business. Hence it is your requirement that you find a housing facility for the same to sell the toys in the UK. When it comes to selling of the products to the children in general, you need to set up shops in locations that are easily accessible to the children of the UK. Hence you should consider setting up of a toy business near any school or an established kindergarten of a well-known play group of children in the UK.

Thus in this guide, we have seen the various things that you need to do in order to start off in a business that is related to supplying of toys in the UK.

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