Top International Brands For Electronic Toys


Here we will discuss about some of the top international brands for electronic toys.


The beginning of the success of this company in the field of the electronics related toys and other categories of toys began in the year 1953. This is a company which is into the slotted car games in the electronic toys in the world. They have a deep passion about the toys that they manufacture for the masses. This was found as a wholesale business in the city of Salzburg in Germany. The specialization in the toys was done by this business in more than 30 years ago in the making. This is a leading group that is located on the internal basis and has some serious recognition in terms of the various product categories that it has launched in the field of toys in the various markets of Europe as well as the world. They produce the electronic toys in order to make it suitable for the consumption of the general public and have a portfolio of the product such that they cater the worlds of leisure, entertainment as well as the lifestyle.

They make available the exclusive goods which are licensed as well as the brands of the toys that are of the same company itself. They also deal with the closeout as well as the clearance stocks of the toys manufacturing business in the markets of the children through their business in the various parts of the world. This is a part of the business that is owned by a family and has more than over several hundred employees in their business in the manufacturing and the wholesale distribution of the electronic toys. They have the headquarters that are located in the city of Salzburg and located as a multi national company in the various markets of the world including the USA, Europe as well as Asia. The turnover of this company making electronic toys was over more than 140 million pounds in the last financial year. They can also make the provision of the toys that can be catered for every requirements of the parents, as well as the gift toys which need to be of the affordable range.

Advanced Bright Limited

This company called as the Advance Bright Limited was into the business of making the products in the electronic toys since the year 1996. They have been onto the business that makes them manufacture the high quality TV games, electronic toys and other electronic products to the various parts of the world. hey are very well known in order to make an offering of the best in terms of the quality of the toys and other related materials. They have electronic toys in stock and available for the immediate shipment. They started off in the industry related to the manufacturing of the toys for the customers of the well known brands of the world manufacturing the electronic toys. Since the establishment of this company into the electronic markets of the toys, there has been a very huge demand of the various products of theirs. The design passion that has been flourished in the various designers of this company is something in order to keep a watch of. The collection portrayed by this company in the world for the electronic toys of the different kinds is much cherished amongst the hearts of the parents in the various parts of the world.

The electronic toys are not only handsome in the appearance for the children, but also they were made rugged in their appearance in order to give them the realistic looks as well as the feeling. They had a decision in which they vertically caused the integration of the manufacturing process of theirs so that they could diversify their various sub processing skills like the assembly of the toys as well as the provide the price ranges that are competitive in nature. They have a large amount of expertise in the markets due to the business establishment like theirs being unique and specific to the product range. They make an offering of the products in the electronic toys which have the various things like the video games, video cameras games, educational toys based on the electronics technology & the accessories for the Wii/PS/PC games and the Nintendo games.


This is a design based company for the electronic toys. They create a web of ideas in order to make the provision of the most comprehensive as well as exclusive and extraordinary range of the electronic toys in the markets of the world. They make the creation possible for the fun as well as quirky toys in the markets for the children to play. They believe that the toys of theirs bring an immediate smile to the face of the children who play with their toys. They take the design aspect of the various products of theirs on a serious note in their business and are dedicated to the same.

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